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Chapter 5: Going beyond Time

The divine means that which is already hidden within man. Once in a while, that which is hidden becomes manifest - in a devotee, in an enlightened mystic. Every human being is a seed of godliness, but our energy flows in a thousand and one other directions; hence the seed doesn’t receive any energy and isn’t nourished.

Have you ever noticed that you don’t go to the temple with the same enthusiasm with which you go to the marketplace? You don’t turn your rosary with the same devotion that you count your money. You have never wanted the divine with the same passion that you want a high position. Even at the door of the divine you ask for worldly things - there is no limit to your stupidity. You only go - even to the door of the divine - to ask for worldly things. The truth is you only ever go there when you need something to do with the world - wealth, fame, prestige, high position. Even from the divine you are asking for those same things that you have been wanting all along and have never had. You seek the divine’s help even for your dreams.

Your eyes will only turn towards the divine when it becomes absolutely clear to you that whatsoever you ask for is useless - simply rubbish - and that even if you get it you will gain nothing. In the first place, you are not going to get it; but even if you did, you would still gain nothing. Even if you were the emperor of the whole world and the whole earth belonged to you, what would you really gain? Inside, you would still be exactly the same as you are right now - just as miserable, just as worried, just as agitated and suffering, just as harassed. Perhaps you would even have a few more problems - because you would be carrying the troubles of the whole world on your shoulders. You wouldn’t have less trouble.

Religion is not an intoxication, an opium. Everything but religion is an intoxicating opium. Religion, religiousness, is the only way to take one out of these intoxications: religiousness is the only way to detoxify.

So the first thing to be taken note of: What is a dream and what is the truth? Where is the touchstone? How can we know that what we are seeing is a dream? How can we recognize that the things we are asking for are nothing but a part of our dreams?

The first thing about this is: one does not have to ask for the truth in any way. Whatsoever you can ask for has to be a dream. It is only untruth that needs to be asked for. Truth simply is. For truth, it is enough that you just open your eyes; you don’t have to ask for it.

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