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Chapter 18: Remaining with the Facts

You cannot deceive anyone unless someone is ready to be deceived; that is another thing. By authenticity I mean: remember your facticity. Always sort it out from your interpretations. Throw away your interpretations and look at the fact of what you are. And do not be afraid - much ugliness is there. If you are afraid, then you will never be able to change it. If it is there, accept that it is there; consider it.

This is what consideration means: consider it, look at it in its total nakedness. Move around it, go to its roots, analyze it. See why it is there, how you help it to be there, how you feed it, how you protect it, how it has grown to be such a big tree. See your ugliness, your violence, your hatred, your anger, how you have protected it, how you have helped it to grow up to now. Look at the roots; look at the whole phenomenon.

And Shiva says That if you consider it totally you can drop it immediately, this very moment, because it is you who have been protecting it. It is you who have been helping it to become rooted in you. It is your creation. You can drop it immediately - just now. You can leave it, and then there is no need to look again toward it. But before you can do this, you will have to know it - what it is, the whole mechanism, the whole complexity of it, how you help it every moment.

If someone says something insulting to you, how do you react? Have you ever thought about it - that he may be right? Then look! He may be right. There is every possibility of him being more right than you are about yourself, because he is aloof, far away; he can observe.

So do not react. Wait! Tell him, “I will consider what you have said. You have insulted me, and I will consider the fact. You may be right. If you are right, then I will give you my thanks. Let me consider it. And if I find that you are wrong I will inform you.” But do not react. Reaction is different.

If you insult me, I say to you, instead of reacting, “Wait. Come back after seven days. I will consider whatsoever you have said - you may be right. I will put myself in your place and will observe myself; I will create a distance. You may be right, so let me look at the fact. It is very kind of you to have pointed it out, so I will look at it. If I feel that you are right, I will thank you; if I feel that you are wrong, I will inform you that you are wrong.” But what is the need of reaction?

You insult me - then what do I do? I insult you immediately then and there. I escape consideration: I have reacted. You insulted me, so I have insulted you.

And remember, reaction can never be right. It can never be right! If you insult me, you create the possibility of my being angry. And when I am angry I am not conscious, I will say something which I have never thought about you. This very moment, because of your insults I react in a violent way. A moment later I may repent.

Do not react - consider the facts. And if your consideration is total, you can drop anything. It is in your hands. Because you are clinging to it, it is there. But you can drop it immediately, and there will be no suppression - remember. When you have considered a fact, there will never be any suppression. Either you like it and you continue it, or you do not like it and you drop it.

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