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Chapter 3: Finding Quality in Life

The exercise that I have given you to make your resolution of throwing your breath out and making the resolution and then taking the breath in and making the resolution.when you experience a state of silence, then using the same procedure, bring the thought to mind that whatever you feel during meditation will be with you all the time like an inner current. By repeating this thought you will find the feeling of meditation without any effort. It will be more beneficial if the two things are done simultaneously. Later on, when we talk about the purification of thoughts and emotions, we will be able to discuss this more deeply. But you can experiment with both these exercises.

During the course of twenty-four hours you have a lot of free time on your hands when you don’t have anything worthwhile to do. If this free time can be used to remember these moments of meditation, it can make a tremendous difference. Look at it this way: two years ago someone insulted you, or you experienced a tragic incident - if today you were to try to remember this incident you will be surprised to notice that as you remember the whole incident your body and your mind will slowly come to the same state they were in when you actually went through the experience two years ago. If two years ago you were insulted by someone and today you were to try to remember this incident, how it felt and how you were insulted, you will be surprised to see that your body and your mind will experience the same state they were in then, as if you are again being insulted.

Everything is being collected in your consciousness and it does not disappear. Whatever you have experienced is stored. If you bring back these memories you can experience the same things again and you can go through the same emotions again. Nothing is erased from the human mind.

So if while you were meditating today you felt good, it is essential that you remember this experience at least five to ten times during the day. In this way the memory of this experience will go deeper into your consciousness, and by remembering it again and again it will become a permanent part of your consciousness. So in answer to the question that has been asked, this is how it can be done. And it is important that you do it.

Very often people make the mistake of remembering only what is negative and forgetting everything that is positive. The basic mistake that people make is that they remember all that is worthless, negative, and they forget all that has any real value. Rarely will you remember the moment when you were full of love; you will rarely remember those moments when your body felt totally alive. You rarely remember those moments when you felt silent. But you will always remember the moments when you were angry and upset, the moments when you were insulted and when you took revenge on somebody. You will always remember the times when you were hurt but rarely the times which were nourishing to you. And it is very important for you to remember these nourishing moments.

To remember them continually will help you in two ways: Most importantly, remembering these moments will create a possibility for them to happen again. If someone constantly remembers the negative things, it is extremely likely that he will go through the same kind of experiences again. If someone constantly remembers sad things it is very likely that he will be sad again, because he will develop an inclination towards these things and these incidents will keep repeating in his life. All these feelings become stored inside you, and it becomes more and more easy for these emotions to repeat themselves again and again.

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