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Chapter 24: Souls Are Not Male or Female

A Chinese story is: a woman served a master for years. He was living outside the town in a hut, and this woman was very rich, and she would bring the most delicious food for him, and whatsoever was needed, she provided. He was not forced to go to beg - the woman brought things herself to his hut. And he became a very great saint.

The woman was older. Before she was dying, just a day or two days before, she was very sick and felt that her time has come. She called the prostitute of the town - a very beautiful woman - and said to her, “Whatever is your price I will give you but I want just one simple thing. In the middle of the night you go to the monk I have worshipped for my whole life. He thinks that he has transcended sex; I also believe it, but there has been no opportunity to check on it.

“In the middle of the night you go - he meditates at that time - you knock on the door, go inside. Just drop your clothes, be naked, and remember everything that he says or does, and then come back to me. And whatever your price, that I will give you.”

The prostitute said, “There is no problem in it.” She went, she knocked on the door; the monk opened the door. She immediately dropped her robe - she was only wearing one robe - and stood naked before the monk.

The monk shouted, “What are you doing!” and was trembling, and before the woman could say anything, he escaped out of the door. She came back to the old woman and told her, “Nothing much happened. He opened the door, I dropped my robe; he started trembling, shouted, ‘What are you doing? Why have you come here?’ and through the open door he escaped towards the forest.”

The woman said, “I wasted my years in serving that idiot. You take your price, and do one thing more; for that also I will give you whatever you want - go and set fire to the hut!”

These monks and nuns are forced by their religions to live separately, and sometimes if you look into their scriptures, it is hilarious. A Jaina monk first inquires before he sits in any place, “Has there been any woman sitting here before?” At least nine minutes have to pass. I don’t know how they manage nine minutes! Only then he will brush the place with his small broom made of soft wool, so no small insect or ant is killed, and then he will spread his bamboo mattress and sit on it.

I asked these people, “Why nine minutes?”

They said, “After a woman has been sitting in a place, for nine minutes her vibrations continue, and a monk can be disturbed by it.”

I said, “What kind of monks do you have? Ordinary men are not disturbed. Monks are disturbed? It simply shows that they are continuously thinking of sex and nothing else.”

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