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Chapter 10: Drunk with Awareness

But making your watch run exactly as mine will not be of much help. You have to put your heart with my heart, you have to learn to dance with my being - and that I cannot do. I can provide the opportunity, then it is all up to your intelligence, to take it or not to take it.

If you want to be in synchronicity with me, you have to be as drunk with awareness as I am. It is a strange drunkenness: you are fully aware and still you are as drunk with joy, blissfulness as no drunkard can be. You just look at my eyes: anybody will think I am drunk. You just listen to my words: anybody will think I am drunk.

I have not drunk even water for twenty years! I have been traveling around the country, and this country has such an ugly culture that in the same rivers buffaloes are enjoying their bath, donkeys are drinking, dogs are pissing and men are standing amidst them, chanting to God - and that water is being used. It is absolutely polluted.

I have heard that America will destroy itself by its nuclear weapons, Russia will follow the same route, England will die because of its hypocrisy and its seriousness and France will die from its sexuality and sensuality. The person who was telling me, I asked him - “Because I am here now in India, tell me of what India is going to die.” He said, “Shitting all over the country!”

India is a big toilet. This is the only freedom India has - freedom to shit anywhere. I wonder why they have not included it in the constitution? Where they talk about freedom of speech - although nobody has anything to say - they should have mentioned that everybody is free to urinate anywhere he wants; everybody is free to shit anywhere he wants. Those would have been realistic considerations.

Freedom of speech in this country? - I have not seen a single person who can claim that he is a free thinker. They are learned, they are scholars, they can repeat scriptures, but free thinking? - that does not exist, has not existed since Gautam Buddha. He was the last free thinker in this country. For twenty-five centuries, nobody has bothered to think. In fact, nobody has time; raising children, creating more misery, more poverty, who has time to think?

I am certainly mad, because I am telling you to go beyond thinking, and you have not even started thinking! Here my work is first to make you start thinking.just to drop it. You cannot drop anything if you don’t have it. A beggar cannot say, “I have renounced the world.” The fact is just the opposite: the world has renounced him. Only an emperor can say, “I have renounced the world” - and it makes sense.

A few suggestions for you.

Two drunks were staggering along the railway tracks. “My God!” said the first. “I’ve never climbed so many steps in my whole life!”

“It’s not the steps that bother me,” replied the other. “It’s the low hand-rails.”

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