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Chapter 26: Only One Sin - To Forget Your Being

Sex is given by nature; it is an inbuilt program in your biology. Love is not an inbuilt program; that’s why so many people go on missing it. It has to be evolved. You have to learn it, it is an art. You have to understand one thing, that nature and biology have no need of love; sex is enough for life to continue. Reproduction is the end of sex, and biology is interested only in reproducing.

Love is a luxury.

It has no biological function.

Unless you start learning something that goes beyond your body, which is not a need of the body - the body can exist without it - you will never be able to know what love is. Experiencing poetry, the depth of music or the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset.. No animal bothers about sunset or sunrise. You should not be deceived by the birds in the morning chattering all around. It is not a song of happiness to welcome the sun, no. It is just the overflowing energy after the whole night’s peaceful, relaxed state.

You don’t get up so rejuvenated because you don’t sleep well. Your mind goes on thinking and dreaming and projecting; your mind goes on keeping your body tense. Just watch somebody’s face while he is sleeping, and you will be wondering what he is doing. Sometimes his face becomes very tense, sometimes tension lines appear on his forehead, sometimes he is gnashing his teeth, sometimes he starts making some sounds. Perhaps he is saying something but in sleep it becomes gibberish; you cannot figure out what he is saying. But so much is going on.

Just the other morning Vivek showed me one of the white peacocks which always comes near my sitting room and sleeps on a treetop. That is his religious practice every night; it may be raining, it may be snowing - it doesn’t matter. And the place where he sits seems to be so risky that he could fall any moment, but he is so relaxed, almost one with the tree. Now, after these ten hours, twelve hours of almost going to the very source of his life in sleep, if he starts dancing by the morning it is no wonder.

It has nothing to do with the sun or the flowers, it has something to do with his inner energy which is overflowing. The birds are chirping, chitchatting - it is simply aliveness. But remember, animals or birds cannot have a taste of happiness; that is man’s prerogative.

One thing to be remembered: pleasure has its counterpart - pain; happiness has its counterpart - unhappiness. And you cannot have only one without having the other too; they are inseparable. If you have pleasure, in the same amount be ready for pain. It is not possible to have ninety percent pleasure and ten percent pain. Nature does not function that way. It is very fair; it is always fifty-fifty, equally balanced.

That’s why many people, particularly the religious people, monks, saints, sages.. Have you ever thought about it, why they start renouncing pleasure? You may not have wondered.. They are not renouncing pleasure, they are renouncing pain. But without renouncing pleasure there is no way to renounce pain - that is the difficulty. If it were possible to save pleasure and renounce pain, I don’t think any saint would be so idiotic as to renounce pleasure.

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