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Chapter 5: This Moment Is Enough for Me

Unless she was able to become again the same old sannyasin as everybody else, this was the only way: to escape like a coward.

And she will suffer. And she will repent.

Whether you knew specifically or not, when you answered my original question that you did appoint her in order to give your followers a taste of fascism, had she succeeded in poisoning the water system of The Dalles as you allege she wanted to, or having killed more than the single individual that you allege she killed, would not part of that responsibility be on your shoulders?

No, it is her responsibility because I have never told her to do these things. She could have been a fascist without doing these things. These are not necessary to be a fascist.

And I have never given any details for her. She never asked me.

It was a very general statement. A taste of fascism is good exercise for all those who are going to live longer than me. Once I am gone, if then somebody starts becoming fascist, it will be impossible for them to stop it. But now I have destroyed that possibility completely.

Jeannie Senior,

The Oregonian

You said was that you hadn’t been invited to talk to the police yet and you advised your sannyasins not to talk to the police until you had talked to the police. And you set some conditions under which you wanted to talk to the police. You said you wanted to have the press present and have a video crew there and an audio crew there.
Are you going to maintain that stand? The police don’t traditionally do this when they’re interviewing a witness. Are you asking for special treatment?

First I had asked for no special treatment, just for an interview so that I can give them an overview what the situation is and they can work better to find out who is the criminal. They made the appointment and then at the last moment they canceled it.

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