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Chapter 7: You Are the Knot

As our understanding grows, things are becoming more complex. Now the psychologists say that by the age of four the child has gathered fifty percent of his knowledge. Fifty percent! The total knowledge he will have when he dies at the age of eighty years, fifty percent of it he has gathered by the age of four; the remaining fifty percent is gathered later. From the point of view of knowledge, you have completed half your life within four years; you have become half old! But yoga says that when we understand what the child gathers while in the womb, perhaps the situation will be even more strange: perhaps the child gathers a greater percentage in the womb itself. But the child himself has no memory, everything is subliminal; it is there in his mind.

Governments in the West are very concerned about it, because the information is caught by the subconscious mind and this phenomenon can be exploited, and dangerously exploited. The advertisements at the movies that say smoke such-and-such a cigarette, or use such-and-such soap, or do this, do that - all this still needs to be displayed on the screen. In this displaying, there is still a subtle resistance. Because you know this is an advertisement you are not influenced as much as it is possible to be. A beautiful woman holding a cake of soap in her hand and telling you that the secret of her shining beauty lies in this soap - now everybody knows that it is not something to be believed. Still, through repetition it works, it catches your mind.

But now subliminal advertising has been discovered. Now, “Use Lux toilet soap,” won’t be visible on the screen. The movie you have gone to watch will continue and at some point during it, in a flash, in the one-thousandth part of a second, the advertisement for Lux toilet soap will pass. Your eyes won’t be able to catch it because it will pass so quickly, but your mind will catch it.

This is dangerous. Governments of many countries are thinking of putting a ban on such a thing, because it is too dangerous. You are not even aware of it, you have not been able even to read it, you have not even sensed that something else took place in between the film images. You were busy watching the movie, and in between two sequences of the movie an advertisement has passed in a flash.

After much investigation it has been established that one in a thousand persons will get a faint inkling that something happened, that something else was there in between - but he too won’t be very sure of it. The remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine will have no idea of it; they will be happily there in their seats and their subconscious mind will catch it. This is dangerous.

This means that someone may be running for a seat in an election and his advertisements may go on flashing in this fashion in the movies - and you will go and vote for that person without even realizing why you are doing so. This is dangerous. This can be misused. The dictatorial governments can misuse it badly because you can be victimized so easily.

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