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Chapter 7: Thanks for the Compliment!

My vision of a better world is not the vision of a good world, where people are virtuous, have good character, don’t cheat each other, don’t lie, are very compassionate towards each other, very loving, great servants of humanity. That is not my vision of a better world. That has been the vision for centuries, and it has not been fulfilled because it cannot be fulfilled in the very nature of things. It is not possible - you have been denying the bad part.

For me, a real sannyasin will neither be good nor bad in the old sense of the words. He will simply be. And whatsoever he is in a certain moment, he will be totally in it. If he is angry his anger will be total; if he is loving his love will be total.

The old idea of a good man was that he would never be angry. That brought repression into the world - and once you are repressed you go on and on living with your repressed part. The repressed part remains a burden because it has not been absorbed. Once absorbed it releases great energy in you. It makes you vital, it makes you passionate, it makes you throbbing with infinite life. Repressed you are divided in two, you are cut into two; you live, but your life is only so-so.

Sisters Maria Theresa and Mary Elizabeth were walking down a street when they were grabbed by two men, dragged into an alley and raped. Twenty minutes later the nuns continued their stroll.

“What is Father going to say,” said Sister Maria Theresa, “when we tell him we have been raped twice?”

“What do you mean, twice ?” asked her companion.

“Well, we are coming back this way, aren’t we?”

Repress something and it will come by the back door. It will find its way; it will control you from the unconscious. You cannot get rid of it so easily, in fact there is no way to get rid of it. It is part of you, such an organic part that you cannot be alive if you cut it off. That’s why your saints look so dead, and the deadlier they are, the more you respect them.

Just a few days ago a man came to me and he was talking about a saint, Devraha Baba, who is known in the north of India as the ageless saint, because at least this much is certain, that he is a hundred and fifty years old, maybe more. Now that is his only great quality, nothing else. The man was very impressed. He said, “I am a disciple of Devraha Baba.”

I asked him, “What is great in it, to live a hundred and fifty years? Many animals live that long, many trees live for thousands of years. There are trees four thousand years old. There are animals who easily live a hundred years, a hundred and fifty, two hundred years.”

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