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Chapter 37: The Eternal Light at Your Center

Science is not against nature, cannot be. It has to follow natural laws, it cannot go against the natural laws. So all discovery, all research is to find out how nature functions, what its laws are.

And you have intelligence that is given by nature; nature is ready to reveal its secrets to that intelligence. Follow the laws of nature, and you will be able to improve upon nature itself. Intelligence is nature trying to improve upon itself; up to now it has worked blindly. In man’s intelligence there is a hope.

So don’t be worried that you are doing something against nature. Do it with great love, respect, with great gratitude, meditativeness; and be certain that it is nature trying to improve upon itself through you. In the beginning, of course, your artificial organs will not be so good. But it is only the beginning: there is immense possibility of going on improving.

Blood will be needed soon, and artificial blood will be better. Perhaps if things like AIDS become a wildfire, then the only alternative we have is to reproduce children in the test-tubes, where they can be protected; otherwise, they will bring AIDS from their very birth. Three children in Europe have been found with AIDS. What an ugly world we are creating for our children! - that AIDS has come through natural birth. “Natural birth” does not mean that we cannot improve upon it.

I was not joking when I said to you yesterday that, at least, women should become lesbians - every woman and every man should be standing in a queue before hospitals to be tested. If he is declared a positive case of AIDS, then something has to be done for the poor man; something so that he does not need sex anymore, some biological change. Otherwise, he is going to live two years - what is he going to do with his biology, with his physiology, with his male sperm?

Something has to be done, and that can be done only by scientific investigation into how to divert the old blind biological process of creating sperm in man. If for two years we can stop the production of sperm in the man, he can live without repression - he can enjoy these two years more than anybody else. Everybody is going to die. He is a rare person, because death is giving him notice.

You may die tomorrow. Everything remains incomplete. Everybody has been dying on the earth, leaving things incomplete, because nobody knows when death will come and knock on your doors. But the man with AIDS, - if science can help him not to produce sexual energy, or can channel it into different directions of creativity because it is creative energy - perhaps for these two years he will be grateful.

He will not feel bad about AIDS; he may even feel proud of it, because for these two years he will be able to paint, play music, write the novel he always wanted to but there were so many things to do.and now there is a clean two years of time.

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