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Chapter 15: Keep the Doors Open

Once you are settled, when you can go in no further, you have reached the core of your being, the bottom rock, then you are centered. Suddenly energy is available but now there is nowhere to go. The outer journey stopped when you started meditating, and now the inner journey is also complete. You are settled, you have reached home full of energy like a great reservoir. Now what will you do?

This energy will start overflowing. It is a totally different type of movement, the quality of it is different; because it has no motivation. Before you were moving towards others with a motivation; now there will be none. You will simply be moving towards others because you have too much to share.

Before you were moving as a beggar, now you will be moving like an emperor. Not that you are seeking some happiness from somebody - that, you have already. Now the happiness is too much. The cloud is so full it would like to rain. The flower is so full that it would like to ride on the winds as fragrance and go to the very corners of the world. It is a sharing. A new type of relationship has come into existence. To call it a relationship is not right because it is no longer a relationship; rather it is a state of being. Not that you love, but that you are love.

So don’t be disheartened or make it a style of life; it is just a passing phase. Renunciation is a passing phase - celebration is the goal of life, renunciation is just a means. There are moments when you have to renounce; just as when you are ill and the doctor says to fast. Fasting is not going to be a style of life. Renounce food, and once you are healthy, enjoy it again - and you will be able to enjoy it more than ever. Don’t make fasting your life. It was a passing phase, it was needed.

Just fast a little with love and relationships, and soon you will be capable of moving again, again overflowing, and moving without motivation. Then love is beautiful. And it is never beautiful before that; it is always ugly. Howsoever you try, it always turns sour. Both people may be trying hard to make a beautiful thing out of it but it is not in the nature of things; something ugly comes in. Every love affair is always on the rocks. Just wait..


Participants in the ten day Vipassana group are present tonight. The assistant group leader came forward bearing a staff, the Zen stick that is used as part of the technique to help people to maintain an alert and aware state of consciousness. Osho took the staff and demonstrated on her head how to use the stick and the correct place to hit that would be most beneficial.

People have actually asked me to hit harder than I had initially.

This is needed. In a certain moment when a person is falling asleep, if you hit hard suddenly the energy surges up, and that’s a beautiful experience. If you just do it very mildly it won’t stir the energy.

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