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Chapter 20: Slipping into the Vertical

Become happy and see - suddenly the whole world is there, available. Everybody was waiting for you to open your doors. The sun, the air, the fragrance was waiting to enter, and you were standing with closed doors. Open the doors.

I was wondering - what you said about his [the previous person’s] pain - as I live with him, if there is anything I can do to help break down the rock.

Just be happy. Just be as happy as you can. Don’t think about him; whether he is miserable or not is not the point. Be happy, and your happiness will help him.

You cannot help.your happiness can. You follow me? You cannot - you will destroy - but your happiness can. Happiness has its own ways of working - very indirect, very subtle, feminine. When you start working it becomes aggressive, and if you start trying to help him, he will resist. He will resist not knowing, because it seems as if somebody has the upper hand, and nobody wants to be liberated by anybody else. Nobody wants to be made happy by anybody else because that seems to be a dependence, so a deep resistance comes in.

Simply don’t be worried about it. That is his business. You have done nothing for his rock to be there. He has earned it through many lives, so he has to drop it. Just be happy and your happiness will give him courage. Your happiness will give him impetus and a stimulation, a challenge.

Your happiness will give him some idea of what it will be like when he says yes. That’s all..


This was my first group. The two days of the marathon have been very intense. But I felt everything to be very absurd. I realize I am not yet liberated so I need to go through these absurd things to become free.

They are not absurd - you are absurd. You are in your head too much, clinging to the logical - that’s why they appear absurd. They are not absurd - and once you are liberated from your logic you will be free. The logic has to be dropped.

Enjoy! Why condemn? The moment you have taken an attitude you are broken away from the group, you are no longer part of it. Life is more than logic, love is more than logic - and existence is absolutely absurd. And you are absurd because you are in the mind too much. But it is good that you realized this. This shows something about you, not about the group.

This was your first opportunity to be mad. Anywhere else in the world it is very costly to be mad. Try two other groups. [laughter]

It is very difficult for me to drop being logical because it was not something I borrowed, I worked hard for it, for many years.

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