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Chapter 19: The Sunlit Peaks of Sacredness

Rabiya stood behind him, heard all this and hit his head. He looked back - because it is very sacrilegious to disturb someone who is in prayer - and there stood that strange woman, Rabiya. And she said, “Junnaid, are you going to mature or not? Are you absolutely blind? - because the doors are open. The doors are always open, twenty-four hours, day and night. What kind of nonsense is this, that you go on asking God ‘Open the doors’? Even God cannot do anything - how can he open doors which are always open? Just look silently; the doors are not outside. Close your eyes and see. And remember, the next time I hear you say all this nonsense I’m going to hit you really hard! By your prayer you are avoiding yourself.”

It was a sudden enlightening experience. Junnaid closed his eyes, looked within.the doors are open. What you are seeking is hidden within you, and if you go on seeking it you will go on missing it.

Don’t make the search for truth a serious phenomenon. Take it easy, and remember “easy is right.” If strong winds take you hither and thither, don’t resist; they appear strong because of your resistance. Relax, go with them. Go with them, with totality.

Lao Tzu became enlightened sitting under a tree, seeing an old dead leaf falling from the tree, slowly. Winds were taking it this way and that way, and it had no resistance. It was totally willing to go anywhere - because the truth that you are seeking is everywhere. All that is needed is a relaxed consciousness to see it.

Those winds are not against you, they are not distracting you. Your resistance is the problem. You have made your search very serious. Be a little more playful. Dance with the wind; allow the wind to take you to the north, to the south, to the east, to the west, without any resistance.

In your resistance exists your ego. “What is ego?” people ask. It is your resistance to existence. “And what is egolessness?” It is your relaxed state of being, a let-go. Wherever the winds take you, go with totality - willingly, joyously, dancing, singing.

It is not that you will find the truth where the winds are taking you. You will find the truth in your non-resistance; you will find the truth in your let-go, in your playfulness, in your non-seriousness, in your laughter.

Sick people have dominated humanity for too long - psychologically sick, spiritually sick - and they have made everybody serious. My whole approach is that of playfulness, non-seriousness, taking it easy.

Relaxation is prayer.

Non-resistance is egolessness.

And in egolessness all is found.

The serious are tense, the serious are worried. The serious are always concerned whether they are on the right path.and there are no milestones.

All paths are imaginary.

Existence is just like the sky, there are no paths. The birds fly, but they don’t leave any footprints; the sky remains pathless. So is your consciousness a far more clean and far more clear space, where there are no footprints, no paths.

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