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Chapter 2: Become a Flame

Everybody is resistant against God - why? Because if you want to know God, you have to disappear: that is the resistance. You have to die if God is to live in you. You have to disappear utterly, totally; you have to be vacant, you have to empty yourself. Only in you void can God descend; when you are too much, he cannot enter in you. Your cup is too full of yourself. This cup has to be emptied - that’s the resistance.

Don’t pay much attention to excuses - they are meaningless. Behind the excuses the real problem hides. The real problem is: to become religious, one has to deny oneself - that is the only sacrifice needed. The ego has to be dropped. The mind has to cease for the God to be - and of course, then there is resistance.

So drop this incident. This has nothing to do.. In fact, it is very rarely that I come across a person who is not resistant, who is not deep down fighting with God. It is natural; try to understand it. We want to remain our own selves: God is the greatest danger. Hence, people go to the priest. They could have walked directly to God, but they go to the priest - because they don’t really want to go to God. The priest protects them from God. They go to the scripture, because the scripture is dead and you cannot find an alive God in scripture. This is a way to avoid.

People don’t go to a living master, because to go to a living master means jumping into the fire. You will disappear - but only through that disappearance God appears.

To be really religious is to commit suicide. And I mean it - when I say suicide, I meant it - suicide. When a person kills himself, that is not suicide; just the body changes - he will be born again. That is just a change of the body, change of the clothes, change of the abode. But when a man simply drops his ego, he has committed real suicide, authentic suicide; now he will be coming no more. Now there will be no need for him to have another abode in this world of misery, in this world of darkness, in this world which is almost a hell. He will not be coming again. Ego dropped, you journey is finished; you have learned the lesson. That’s the resistance.

So please forget about this excuse. Otherwise you will continuously think about this excuse - and that is no the true cause.

I wish I could know more about God. Can you help me, Osho?

There is no way to know more about God. You can know God, but you cannot know more about God. Knowing more about God is not knowing God. Knowing more is knowledge; knowing God is a totally different dimension. Knowing about is knowledge - you can go on, about and about and about, but you will never reach to God. To know God is totally different than knowing about God.

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