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Chapter 10: Towards a New Humanity

You ask me, “What is the use of esoteric teachings and spiritual knowledge?” To fulfill the demands of the fools, that is the use. And there is no spiritual knowledge at all.

Spirituality is an experience, not knowledge. You cannot reduce it to knowledge; it is always knowing, never knowledge. It is an insight, irreducible into words. You cannot put it into theories, into systems of thought; that is impossible. And those who try to do it don’t know anything; only then can they do it. This is a strange phenomenon: those who know never try to reduce their knowing to knowledge; and those who don’t know are absolutely free, they can create any knowledge, it is their invention.

All spiritual knowledge is an invention of the mind. Real spiritual knowing happens only when the mind is dropped, when you are in a state of no-mind.

And you ask me, “How can I find out if they are true or not?” Why should you be worried? Rather try to find out who you are. That’s the only real religious question, the only quest. “Who am I?” That’s enough; no other questions are significant. Avoid all other jargon - spiritual, religious, theological, esoteric. Avoid all jargon. Just stick to a simple quest: “Who am I?” That’s enough. If you know yourself you have known all; if you don’t know yourself you may know everything in the world, but it is of no use. It is unnecessary burden and bondage.

Clarence and Lulu were sitting on the front porch in Kentucky on a warm summer evening, holding hands.

Lulu turned to Clarence and said, “Clarence, say something soft and mushy.”

And Clarence embarrassedly turned to Lulu and said, “Ah, shit!”

That’s what esoteric knowledge is - soft and mushy!

The third question:

You told us the story of Krishna and Arjuna. But is there no value in resisting war in a time where a handful of madmen play with atomic bombs?

How can you resist those few madmen who are playing with atom bombs? What will your strategy of resistance be? In fact, your resistance may bring the war sooner than otherwise; your resistance is not going to prevent it.

The only thing that can prevent a world war is that you start a totally new consciousness, that you start a new kind of humanity; that you start a man who is capable of love, a man who is capable of meditation. Let love and meditation spread far and wide. Let meditation reach to as many people as possible. Except that, all your efforts at resistance are impotent.

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