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Chapter 3: Old Age: A New Beginning

When I was refused from a few places, I thought perhaps this crazy person could be persuaded. So I went early in the morning, five o’clock. He was in his temple - in his beautiful bungalow, he had a small temple, and the whole area was sounding, resounding, “Jai Kali” - victory to Kali.

I went into the temple. He was alone. I also started shouting, “Victory to Kali.”

He looked at me. He said, “You are a believer in Kali?”

I said, “Anybody who has any intelligence has to be a believer in Kali. And you are the greatest man I have come across.”

He said, “Everybody thinks I am crazy.”

I said, “They are all crazy.”

He invited me for breakfast. And he said, “What are you doing?”

I said I was studying in a certain college, although I had been expelled from that college.

He said, “You leave all those colleges and come to my college. I will give you all the scholarships, every kind of help, because you are the first person who has recognized me.”

In that way I got entry into his college. But once I was in, he was in trouble - professors started coming to him.. He called me, and he said, “This is not good. It seems you bluffed me.”

I said, “This is true, I bluffed you - because there was no other way.”

He said, “Then you will have to do one thing: you should not come to the college at all; just come to take your examinations.”

I said, “What about my percentage for being present in the lectures?”

He said, “I will take care of it. You will get ninety percent for attendance, but don’t come to the college! Because every professor is complaining - it is not a question of one professor; you are torturing everybody. They all say, ‘Now we cannot compete with this young man. He has read the latest - and we can see that we are twenty years behind, but we cannot manage to read all that has happened in twenty years. We have to take care of the children and the wife and the whole family. And he makes us so embarrassed. He brings facts and we know that he is right, but we cannot tolerate this constant embarrassment. And because of him, other students are losing respect. They are all thinking that we know nothing. He has created the atmosphere in the college that all the professors are idiots.’”

I said, “It is true, you have got first-class idiots.”

He said, “Listen, I am giving you all the facilities for not coming to the college.”

I said, “That’s a perfectly good arrangement, but once in a while can I come to your temple just to participate in the worship?”

He said, “Now there is no need to bluff me. I was also surprised that nobody in my whole life had said that I was a great man. Only this young man has recognized my spirituality. You bluffed me once, that’s enough.”

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