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Chapter 10: Blessed Are the Rich

Being simple and ordinary has one beauty: you cannot fall. To fall, one thing is absolutely necessary, that you should be high, great, on the top of the world. I do not belong to that category. I live a simple, human life, with all its weaknesses, frailties, mistakes. I cannot fall, there is nowhere to fall. If you want to fall, first go up a ladder. I have been walking my whole life on the plain ground.

This is strange. First you make me a great master, a great leader, just to make me fall from there. I know enough logic.. From the roots I cut things. I don’t claim to be great. Only people who are suffering from an inferiority complex claim to be great masters, great leaders of men. I don’t have any inferiority complex. I don’t want to be superior to anybody in the world.

Whatsoever I am, I am tremendously happy and at ease with it. So please show me how I can fall. An infallible pope may fall, but I am fallible, and not a pope. But I cannot fall in his pit. And why does he say I have fallen in a pit? - because I am “talking bullshit about Mother Teresa.” Yes, there is a mistake. I should talk cow dung about Mother Teresa. Bullshit is male; cow dung is female - and she is very old, dried cow dung.

And I can say these things because I don’t want any respectability from anyone. The clergyman will be in a difficulty because he has dealt with people whom you can exploit by the simple strategy of giving them respectability. When you give respectability to somebody, he becomes afraid to say anything that may destroy his respectability.

I do not care at all what people think about me. I am not dependent on them. If I hanker for respectability, then certainly I will not say anything that may destroy my respectability.

I am going to say exactly what is the truth to me. If it brings me notoriety - it has brought me notoriety in these thirty years - I enjoy it.

He says, “You tell about joy, love, life, celebration, freedom, et cetera. My question just now is, Can you feel it in your own life - repeatedly showing yourself in Rolls Royces and feminine clothes, saying, repeating words about Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa et cetera, having bodyguards - any freedom, celebration, joy?”

It really amazes me to know that clothes also have genitals! This clergyman is saying that some clothes are female and some clothes are male. Mr. Clergyman, are you nuts? Clothes are either comfortable or not comfortable. I use what is comfortable to me.

In fact, just on the way coming here I enquired about the clergyman to my secretary: “Has he got a beard and a mustache?”

She said, “No.”

I said, “That is feminine.”

Why have you cut your beard and your mustache, which God has created in you? That’s what so many men have done. Just think of a woman with a big beard and mustache. And it is not only a mustache and beard..

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