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Chapter 6: Beginning a New Path

It is difficult right now to see what is happening because it is a very, very tiny stream, just like a child. People missed with Rishabh, the first Jaina tirthankara, but they could recognize Mahavira - see? Jainas don’t think much of the first, Rishabh. In fact, they pay their whole homage to Mahavira. In fact, in the Western mind, Mahavira is the originator of Jainism. Because they pay so much respect to Mahavira in India, how can others feel that somebody else was the originator? Rishabh has become legendary, forgotten; he may have been, may not have been, he doesn’t seem to be historical. He is from the hoary past, and you don’t know much about him. Mahavira is historical, and he is like the Ganges near Benares, Kashi - so vast.

Remember that the beginning is small, but never again will the mystery be so deep as in the beginning. The beginning is life and the end is death. With Mahavira, death enters into Jaina tradition. With Rishabh, life entered, came down from the Himalayas above to the earth.

I have got nobody to be responsible to and nobody to get instructions from, but much help is available. And if you take it in its totality, then it is more than any single master can instruct. When I am talking about Patanjali, Patanjali is helpful. I can talk exactly as if he was talking here. I am not talking, in fact; these are not commentaries. It is he himself using me as a vehicle. When I am talking about Heraclitus, he is there - but as a help. This you have to understand, and become more perceptive so that you can see the beginning.

To move into a tradition when it has become a great force does not take much perceptivity, much sensitivity. To come when things are beginning, just in the morning, is difficult. By the evening many come, but then they come because the thing has become so vast and powerful. In the morning only those few chosen come who have the sensitivity to feel that something great is being born. You cannot prove it right now; time will prove it. It will take thousands of years to prove what was being born, but you are fortunate to be here. And don’t miss the opportunity, because this is the freshest point and the most mysterious.

If you can feel it, if you can allow it to go deep into you, many things will become possible in a very short period of time. It is not yet respectable to be with me, it is not a prestige. In fact, only gamblers can be with me who do not bother and worry about what others say. People who are respectable cannot come. After a few years, when the tradition becomes by and by dead, it becomes respectable. Then people will come. But those will be dead people: they will come only when something becomes respectable. They will come because of the ego.

You are here not because of the ego, because with me there is nothing to gain, for the ego at least. You will lose. With Rishabh, only people who were alive and courageous, daring and adventurous moved; with Mahavira, dead businessmen - not gamblers. That is why Jainas have become a business community. The whole community is a business community; they don’t do anything except business. Business is the least courageous thing in the world. That’s why businessmen become cowards. In the first place they were cowards; that’s why they became businessmen.

A farmer is more courageous because he lives with the unknown; he does not know what is going to happen, whether the rains will be there or not - nobody knows. And how can you believe in the clouds? You can believe in the banks, but you cannot believe in the clouds. Nobody knows what is going to happen; he hangs with the unknown. But he lives a more courageous life - a warrior.

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