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Chapter 6: The Great Teaching

Tantra says this is not the point at all: acts are not the question. You committed them because you were ignorant; they came out of your ignorance. In fact, Tantra says you are not responsible for them. If somebody is responsible, then the whole - you may call it existence - existence may be responsible, but you cannot be responsible. Tantra says that even to take on this responsibility is very egoistic. To say, “I will have to balance that, I will have to do good acts, I will have to liberate myself inch by inch and step by step,” this too is a very egoistic, ego-centered attitude.

Why do you even think you are responsible? If responsibility has to be somewhere, then it has to be with the divine himself, with the whole. You have not created yourself, you have not given birth to yourself. You have been given birth, you have been created; then the creator must be responsible, not you.

And you committed all your actions in ignorance, you were not aware of what you were doing - you were completely drunk with ignorance. In darkness you were groping, in darkness you came in conflict with others, in darkness you stumbled upon things and something happened. Tantra says the only thing that is needed is light, awareness. Millions of acts don’t have to be answered; only one thing has to be done and that is: don’t remain ignorant, become aware.

Once you become aware, all that belongs to the world of darkness disappears. It will look like a dream, a nightmare. It will not look like a reality. And it has not been a reality, because when you are unconscious deep down, only dreams can exist, not reality. You have been dreaming that you loved. You cannot love. You are not there to love. You still don’t exist; you don’t have any center. How can you love? You only believe that you love, and then your love life and the acts concerned with it. It becomes a dream. When you awaken out of this dreaming, you will simply say, “How could I have loved? Impossible! I was not there in the first place. I was non-existential in fact.” Without awareness, what does it mean to say, “I am”? It means nothing.

You are fast asleep, so deeply asleep, as if you are not there. A person fast asleep, in a coma in the house - is he really there? There is no distinction to be made. Whether he is there or not makes no difference; he is in a coma. If thieves come and rob the whole house, will you call that man responsible, who is lying down in a coma, unconscious? Will he be responsible? Will he be asked and judged: “Thieves came! What were you doing here?” How can you make a man responsible who is in a coma, unconscious?

Tantra says in all your lives you have remained in a coma - you are not responsible. This is the first liberation that Tantra gives you. And on the basis of it, many things immediately become possible. Then you need not wait for millions of lives - this very moment the door can open. It is not a gradual process, it is a sudden awakening - and it has to be so.

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