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Chapter 5: I Sing the Glory of Forms

That’s my everyday experience: whenever I see somebody who has something, he is ready to surrender, and whenever I come across a person who has nothing, he is very afraid of surrender. This is very mysterious. One who has nothing is very much afraid to surrender; maybe he is afraid that if he surrenders he will come across his nothingness. If he surrenders his defenses, he will have to know his inner emptiness, his poverty.

It is better to pretend that one is rich and never look within. It is better to go on dreaming: “I have much, so how can I surrender?” But this is my experience, and I have not come across a single exception to this; this seems to be the rule, that those who have, they are ready to surrender, they are not afraid. And, Jesus says, “Those who have, they will be given more, and those who don’t have, even that which they have will be taken away.”

When you have, you have the courage to stake. And when you stake you become capable of getting more. And when you stake all, unconditionally, totally, only then you become capable of receiving the gift of godliness. Then Christ is born in you. When you stake all, Christ is born in you. When you go through the crucifixion, when you are crucified, there is resurrection.

I see two types of people in the world; the whole humanity can be divided into two categories. One thing: all are crucified. Half of them remain crucified, and half of them, or a few of them, have the possibility to be resurrected. Those who remain crucified simply suffer, and they suffer for nothing. Their suffering is meaningless, irrelevant.

Have you seen? - your suffering is meaningless, irrelevant. For what are you suffering? What are you gaining out of it? You are simply suffering; you are a wastage, a wasteland. Those who simply suffer are crucified, those who suffer for the divine are resurrected. Then their suffering begins to have a meaning, a significance.

Life is going to disappear, that much is certain; death is going to happen, that much is certain. But are you going to die for the divine? Or will you be simply dying? If you are simply going to die, then you are crucified without resurrection. If you are going to die for the divine, if you are going to become an offering, a sacrifice, then you will be resurrected.

Everybody is crucified, only a few get down from the cross, attain a new life - what Jesus calls “a life of abundance,” a life of infinity, holy life, because it is whole. Only very few get down from the cross and become ecstatic. Their death is no more a death, it is the beginning of an eternal life.

Now it is up to you. If you accept the challenge, you can be resurrected. Christ will be born in you, or Buddha or Krishna - these are just names.

Remember one thing: Krishna, Buddha, Christ - these are not names of certain persons. They denote a certain state, the same state. Christ means one who has realized himself, and through that realization has realized the whole; one who has come home, one who can say, “I am God.” The same is the meaning of Buddha or Jina or Krishna.

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