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Chapter 13: Session 13

Just be
moment to moment
not knowing
who you are.
and where you are.
That’s what it means
to be my people.

Poor Chetana, I have told her that my clothes have to be snow-white. She is my washerwoman. She does whatsoever she can, whatsoever is possible.

Today I am immeasurably happy finding myself again in the Himalayas. I wanted to die in the Himalayas just as Lao Tzu did. It is wonderful to be alive in the Himalayas, it is even more wonderful to die in the Himalayas. The snow, wherever it is, represents the purity of the Himalayas, the virginity.. Tomorrow never comes, so there is no need to worry. With me it is always today, and this very moment we are in that world of the Himalayas.

Michelangelo must have liked white marble; he has carved a statue of Jesus out of it. No other man has carved such beautiful images, so it should not have been difficult for Stone to write a beautiful story about Michelangelo. But he missed the point only because he was imitating himself. Alas, if he could have forgotten his first book, he would have produced another Lust for Life.

Third, Leo Tolstoy’s Resurrection. For his whole life, Leo Tolstoy was concerned, immensely concerned with Jesus; hence the title, Resurrection. And Leo Tolstoy has really created a tremendous work of art. It has been a bible to me. I can still see myself when I was young continuously carrying Tolstoy’s Resurrection with me. Even my father became worried. “It is okay to read a book,” he said to me one day, “but why do you go on carrying this book the whole day? You have read it.”

I said, “Yes, I have read it, not only once but many times. But I am going to carry it with me.”

My whole village knew about it, that I was continuously carrying a certain book called Resurrection. They all thought I was mad - and a madman can do anything. But why was I carrying Resurrection the whole day? - and not only during the day, but during the night too. The book was with me by my bed. I loved it.the way Leo Tolstoy reflects the whole message of Jesus. He succeeds far more than any of the apostles except Thomas - and about that I am going to talk just after Resurrection.

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