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Chapter 29: Become an Unlimited Being

If people are just a little bit awakened, we can disperse all nations, all nuclear weapons, all atomic plants - which are simply wasting energy. And the same energy can become creative and make people as rich as no Alexander the Great ever was. The clothes I am wearing, no emperor in the past could have used - and I am a poor man. It was simply impossible, because the technology was not there. We can make the whole earth full of emperors - living better than Ashoka, Akbar, Alexander, Napoleon, in every possible way.

I don’t see any problem except the mind of the poor themselves, which is so conditioned that it still goes on believing in God - who has never answered any prayer. It goes on believing in paradise. If God was so compassionate, he would have given you paradise here. Why after death? Why not before death?

And the poor people have to see the fact that all the revolutions have failed. The French Revolution failed, the Russian Revolution failed, the Chinese Revolution failed. They were bound to fail, because the revolutionaries who were going to take over the power would become the power elite, and the society would still be divided.

And these power elites will be more dangerous than the rich people of old. In countries like Russia and China, you cannot create another revolution - for the simple reason that the revolutionaries who have taken over the power know how it has been taken over, so they have prevented every possibility. Even to talk about revolution is enough to be persecuted, killed, or exiled to Siberia.

Even if Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, or Lenin himself, were to be born in Russia, there is no possibility that their books would be published. Only the government has a publications department. Anything that is published is published by the government, approved by the Communist Party. And Marx would not have been allowed to sit in the British Museum the whole day, doing nothing but reading and taking notes. His whole life, he never did anything except reading and writing; his writings are voluminous. But in Russia, that is not possible; he would not be counted as a proletarian.

One of my friends was visiting Russia - he is a Buddhist bhikkhu, a follower of Buddha, a monk. He told me, “The first thing that was shocking to the Russians was my hands.”

I said, “Your hands?”

He said, “Yes. Whenever I shook hands with them, they immediately shrank back. They said, ‘You must be a bourgeois. Your hands don’t show that you have ever worked.’”

I told the Buddhist monk, “You touch my hand. Then you will know that you are a proletarian and I am a bourgeois! That will give you great consolation.”

Marx would not have been possible - no revolution in Russia is possible.

Everything has failed that man has done up to now, for the simple reason that man does not change his conditioning, and goes on doing things with the same conditioned mind.

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