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Chapter 11: The Failure of Revolution

Camus was right that all attempts to abolish injustice through revolutions are bound to fail; and he was also right when he said, “The only way to create justice is through living it.” That comes very close to my idea of the new man, the rebel: each individual living in a revolutionary way, on his own, having no power over others, because power certainly corrupts.

But the difference is that Camus was only a philosopher; he himself never lived the life of a rebel. He lived the life of a very respectable man, honored by the society with a Nobel Prize, honored around the world as a great thinker, novelist, a creative genius. If he had lived the life of a rebel he would have been on the cross. Can you ever conceive of Jesus Christ receiving a Nobel Prize? His prize will always be crucifixion.

One of my sannyasins got the Nobel Prize for economic theories; he is also the secretary of the Nobel Prize committee. Being my sannyasin, listening to me and reading my books, he spoke with the king of Sweden, who is the president of the Nobel Prize committee. He said to him, “You have given me a Nobel Prize - what about my master?”

And the king said, “Never, never again mention his name, because that will destroy your credibility with the Nobel Prize committee - they will throw you out as its secretary.”

And when he informed me of what happened - that they are not even ready to listen to my name - I said, “That’s perfectly right, I don’t belong to these people who get Nobel Prizes; I belong to those people who get crucifixions. If there is any committee that crucifies people, then my name will be on the top of the list.”

It is not only the case with Camus but with all philosophers. They come very close to great insights, but they never practice them; hence they remain beautiful ideas in their books - people enjoy them.

One of my sannyasins in Australia is trying to publish three of my books. He had come to see me to get my approval for his plan. His plan is very diplomatic. The book is called The First Gold Nuggets, and he does not have my name in the author’s place, but just “The Master.” The second book is called More Gold Nuggets By The Master; and the third book is called The Gold Mine, and then he reveals my name.

He said, “I have given these first two books to a few of my friends and they were simply overwhelmed - they said they are going to be bestsellers. But when I mentioned your name, their faces immediately changed. They said, ‘Don’t create unnecessary trouble.’”

And he had come to ask me, “Can I do it? So when people have read the first two books, they will purchase the third and then they will come to know whose books they are.”

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