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Chapter 1: The Tantra Map

To be in the world of Tantra needs courage, it is adventurous. Up to now only a few people have been able to move on that path. But the future is very hopeful. Tantra will become more and more important. Man is understanding more and more what slavery is, and man is understanding also that no political revolution has proved revolutionary. All political revolutions finally turn into anti-revolutions. Once they are in power they become anti-revolutionary. Power is anti-revolutionary. So there is a built-in mechanism in power: give anybody power and he becomes anti-revolutionary. Power creates its own world. So up to now there have been many revolutions in the world and all have failed, utterly failed; no revolution has helped. Now man is becoming aware of it.

Tantra gives a different perspective. It is not revolutionary, it is rebellious. Rebellion means individual. You can rebel alone, you need not organize a party for it. You can rebel alone, on your own. It is not a fight against society, remember; it is just going beyond society. It is not anti-social, it is asocial; it has nothing to do with society. It is not against slavery, it is for freedom - freedom to be.

Just look at your life. Are you a free man? You are not: there are a thousand and one bondages around you. You may not look at them, it is very embarrassing; you may not recognize them, it hurts. But it doesn’t change the situation: you are a slave. To move into the dimension of Tantra you will have to recognize your slavery. It is very deep-rooted; it has to be dropped, and being aware of it helps you to drop it.

Don’t go on pacifying yourself, don’t go on consoling yourself, don’t go on saying, “Everything is okay.” It is not: nothing is okay, your whole life is just a nightmare. Have a look at it! There is no poetry and no song and no dance and no love and no prayer. There is no celebration. Joy? - it is just a word in the dictionary. Bliss? - yes, you have heard about it, but you have not known anything about it. God? - in the temples, in the churches. Yes, people talk about it. Those who talk, they don’t know; those who hear, they don’t know. All that is beautiful seems to be meaningless, and all that is meaningless seems to be very, very important.

A man goes on accumulating money and thinks that he is doing something very significant. Human stupidity is infinite. Beware of it, it will destroy your whole life; it has destroyed millions of people’s lives down the ages. Take hold of your awareness - that is the only possibility to get out of stupidity.

Before we enter today’s sutras, something has to be understood about the Tantra map of inner consciousness. I have told you a few things about it; a few more things have to be told.

First: Tantra says that no man is just man and no woman is just woman. Each man is both man and woman, and so is each woman - woman and man. Adam has Eve in him, and Eve has Adam in her. In fact nobody is just Adam and nobody is just Eve, we are Adam-Eves. This is one of the greatest insights ever attained.

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