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Chapter 4: Subtle Music in Your Soul

Sex is beautiful. Sex in itself is a natural rhythmic phenomenon. It happens when the child is ready to be conceived and it is good that it happens - otherwise life would not exist. Life exists through sex, sex is its medium. If you understand life, if you love life, you will know sex is sacred, holy. Then you live it, then you delight in it; and as naturally as it has come, it goes - on its own accord. By the age of forty-two, or somewhere near there, sex starts disappearing as naturally as it had come into being. But it doesn’t go that way.

You will be surprised when I say nearabout forty-two. You know people who are seventy, eighty, and yet they have not gone beyond. You know “dirty old people.” They are victims of the society because they could not be natural. It is a hangover because they repressed when they should have enjoyed and delighted. In those moments of delight they were not totally in it. They were not orgasmic, they were half-hearted.

So whenever you are half-hearted in anything, it lingers longer. If you are sitting at your table and eating and if you eat only half-heartedly and your hunger remains, then you will continue to think about food the whole day. You can try fasting and you will see: you will continuously think about food. But if you have eaten well.. And when I say eaten well, I don’t only mean that you have stuffed your stomach. Then it is not necessarily so when you have eaten well. You could have stuffed yourself, but eating well is an art. It is not just stuffing. It is great art: to taste the food, to smell the food, to touch the food, to chew the food, to digest the food and to digest it as divine. It is divine, it is God’s gift.

Hindus say, “Annam brahman - Food is divine. So with deep respect you eat, and while eating you forget everything because it is prayer. It is existential prayer. You are eating God and God is going to give you nourishment. It is a gift to be accepted with deep love and gratitude. And you don’t stuff the body because stuffing the body is being anti-body. It is the other pole.

There are people who are obsessed with fasting and there are people who are obsessed with stuffing themselves. Both are wrong because in both the ways the body loses balance. A real lover of the body eats only to the point where the body feels perfectly quiet, balanced, tranquil; where the body feels to be neither leaning to the left nor to the right but just in the middle. It is an art to understand the language of the body, to understand the language of your stomach, to understand what is needed, to give only that which is needed and to give that in an artistic way, in an aesthetic way.

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