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Chapter 9: Your Politicians Are Responsible

If your great leaders, political, religious and others, are bent upon having a Third World War, if all your scientific and military efforts are aimed at just one point - how to destroy the Soviet Union and how to destroy communism in the world - who are you to take responsibility for the whole world? Who are you to decide that the Soviet Union should not be communist? It is none of your business.

Your government is utterly violent. The whole structure of society is violent; there are the super-rich and there are the super-poor in this country, the distance between the rich and the poor is too big. Naturally, the poor man becomes violent - he is angry. Your priests and bishops go on teaching the poor to be contented, but how long do you think you can keep poor people contented?

Now old strategies won’t work. You have used this strategy for thousands of years in the whole world, but it is not going to work in America: it is a new country, it has only three hundred years’ civilization, which is nothing compared to countries like China or India with histories of thousands of years. This country is new and the poor have seen clearly that they have been exploited. In India they have never seen it clearly - they have been exploited for thousands of years. They don’t remember any time when there was not poverty, they have accepted poverty as a law of nature, the will of God.

But you cannot deceive the American poor. He has seen with his own eyes that those who were cunning and clever, have exploited and become rich. He has seen people who were criminals becoming rich; and he has seen simple, innocent people who were not criminals becoming poor. You cannot deceive the American poor, you cannot tell him that he is suffering from his past lives’ actions. He knows perfectly well that he is suffering from other Americans and their actions.

In such a small period of history - three hundred years - things are very crystal clear. They had all come to America, they were all equal: nobody was rich, nobody was poor. Then, suddenly, a few people started becoming richer and richer and richer, became the richest in the world, and a few people started falling down. They have seen with their own eyes how one becomes rich. It is not by right means; it is by exploiting, it is by cunning, by every kind of means - good or bad does not matter.

The American poor have a very different attitude from the poor in any other country, because all those countries are very ancient. They don’t remember their beginnings; they don’t know what happened in the beginning - that a few people became poor and a few people became rich. They think it has always been so. But the American poor have a unique situation, they know what has happened - they cannot forgive it, they cannot forget it. That brings violence.

Violence is the religion of America, and America is despised and condemned all over the world - even those countries where American help reaches are not sympathetic toward America. I know it: in India you will not find a single person who is sympathetic toward America. And America has been helping: whenever there is a famine or floods or no rain for years, and people are dying, America is always ready to help. But American help does not create sympathy for America. On the contrary, it offends, because they know what you are doing to your own poor.

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