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Chapter 26: Contagious Health

And the last thing to remember: revolution changes nothing. It is a wheel: one class comes into power, others become powerless, but sooner or later the powerless are going to become the majority - because the powerful don’t want to share their power; they want to have it in as few hands as possible.

Now, you cannot conceive it: in in this country there are nine hundred million people, but half the capital of the country is just in Mumbai. Nine hundred million people in the whole country, and half the capital of the whole country is just in a small city. How long can it be tolerated? Naturally, it comes automatically. Revolution is something blind and mechanical, part of evolution, and when the powerful become the smaller group, the majority throws them away and another power group starts doing the same.

That’s why I say revolution has never changed anything, or in other words, all the revolutions of history have failed. They promised much, but nothing came out of it. Even after seventy years, people are still not getting enough nourishment in Russia. Yes, there are no longer the old czars and counts and countesses and princesses and princes, but in a vast ocean of poverty, even if you remove those who have power and riches, it is not going to make the society rich. It is just trying to make the ocean sweet by dropping teaspoonfuls of sugar in it.

All that has happened is a very strange phenomenon that nobody takes any notice of. Only poverty has been distributed equally. Now in Russia everybody is equally poor - but what kind of revolution is this? The hope was that everybody would be equally rich. But you cannot become rich just by hoping.

Richness needs a totally different ideology, of which mankind is absolutely unaware. For centuries it has praised poverty and condemned richness, comfort, luxury. Even if the poor revolt and come into power, they don’t have any idea what to do with this power - how to generate energy to create more richness, comfort and luxury for people - because deep down in their minds there is a guilty feeling about richness, about luxury, about comfort.

So they are in a tremendous anguish, although they have come to power and this is the moment they could change the whole structure of the society, its whole productive idea. They could bring more technology, they could drop stupid kinds of wastage.

Every country is wasting almost ten percent of its income on the army. Even the poorest country, even this country, is doing the same idiotic thing. Fifty percent of the people in this country are on the boundary of becoming an Ethiopia any day - a bigger Ethiopia. In Ethiopia one thousand people were dying per day. The day India starts becoming another Ethiopia - and it is not far away - then one thousand will not do; it will be many thousands of people dying every day.

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