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Chapter 12: The Three Initiations: Student, Disciple, Devotee

This is the third initiation, and only after the third initiation is there communion - because there is union, there is no longer separation, there is at-oneness.

The path of a mystic begins as a student, ends as a master, begins as a dewdrop, ends as an ocean.

The closer I am to you physically, the more I get lost in your presence and forget about the person that I think I am. It feels as if magnetic energy is coming from you that pulls me strongly towards you.
What is happening?

That which should be happening is happening. You are coming closer to my presence. You cannot keep your person intact. You cannot have both my presence and your person. If you want your person, you will have to lose my presence; if you want my presence, you will have to lose your person, they cannot coexist.

But what is your person? Have you ever thought about it? It consists of all your miseries, anxieties, despairs, nightmares; it is your hell. Have you ever given thought to a simple phenomenon? Since the very beginnings of man, why have human beings been so much interested in intoxicating drugs? In Rig Veda, the oldest book in the world.even the so-called seers of the Vedas are interested in a certain drug called soma.

One of the most intelligent persons of this century, Aldous Huxley - who was very well acquainted with the East, particularly eastern mystics - finally ended up experimenting with LSD. He wrote that in the coming century, the finest form of LSD will be called soma, in remembrance of the Rig Vedas’ soma. He was absolutely convinced that LSD had come very close to soma. And perhaps he is right, because the rishis, the seers of the Vedas, after drinking somrasa, the juice of a plant called som, have described their experiences and what happens to them - how much peace, how much serenity, how much joy. All their experiences are exactly the same as those Aldous Huxley described when he came out of his first LSD trip.

All the cultures, all the religions have been condemning alcohol, opium, hashish, marijuana, but their condemnation seems to have no effect. Humanity goes on taking drugs, and nobody bothers to ask: “If so many wise people are against it, why are people taking these drugs?” And the strange thing is that so many of these wise people who are against it are taking drugs themselves - perhaps in different ways.

In one country, marijuana may be illegal, hashish may be illegal, LSD may be illegal, but alcohol is not. And alcohol is more dangerous than any of the other three. Why isn’t alcohol illegal? - because Jesus used to drink it. Christianity cannot make it illegal; otherwise Jesus would be proved a criminal - and not an ordinary criminal - because he was even turning water into alcohol.

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