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Chapter 11: Each Living Being Sooner or Later Is Going to Become a God

But according to their measurements also it happened ninety thousand years ago, and according to the Hindu scholars also it happened ninety thousand years ago. And because it is described in such detail it cannot be said that Rig Veda was written as Christians think, just three thousand or at the most five thousand years ago. People who were writing Rig Veda five thousand years ago cannot in any way describe something which happened eighty-five thousand years before. There was no astronomical technology in their hands, and anyway somebody would be needed to remember it. And who is going to remember eighty-five thousand years before? Just think how long you can remember back. Your father, your grandfather, perhaps your great-grandfather.Beyond that it is vague. It is not that the world began with your great-grandfather just because you cannot remember further back.

These religions - Hinduism, Judaism, Mohammedanism, Christianity - are all God-oriented. They believe God created the world. In fact they are believers in the concept of creation. And creation needs, naturally, a creator. But the whole scientific approach proves just the opposite. It is not a creation. Creation implies completion. That’s what the BIBLE says. In six days God created the world in its perfection, and then on the seventh day he rested, and nobody knows what happened to him. Where did he go? Because the world was perfect, there was no need for him.

Evolution means the world is never perfect: it is trying to be perfect. It is evolving. Creation is something dead: everything has come to a full stop. That is a very dead idea about existence. Existence is a constant flow towards higher beings, higher consciousnesses. Certainly God did not create Gautam Buddha. And you cannot say that Adam and Eve had the same consciousness and the same sachchidanand as Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha is a very evolved being and the evolution is going on without God managing it. Existence is accepted by Buddhism, Jainism and Taoism as autonomous and eternal. That looks meaningful. But God is removed completely.

And the Christians who were translating Buddhist scriptures were worried why Buddha did not prevent his disciples from calling him Bhagwan. They could not understand that in Buddhism, Bhagwan takes on a totally different meaning. It means the Blessed One. The same is true about Jainism.

God-oriented religions have their god in the beginning and then not even a trace is found of that god. Atheists have been challenging him, but he seems to be either deaf or perhaps Nietzsche is right, he is dead. Or perhaps Gautam Buddha is right that he never existed. Who can give the proof?

One great English atheist, Edmund Burke, had asked a very simple thing. Addressing a big meeting of an atheist association, he said, “If God exists I will wait for five minutes” - looking at his watch - “and I don’t want him to do something great as he did for Moses” - he separated the ocean into two parts and gave a way for Moses and his followers to pass through the ocean surging on both sides. No walls, just water. A valley miles deep and on both sides water standing on its own - he said, “I don’t want to give him that much trouble. All I want is for him to stop my watch within five minutes, and I will believe.” And God could not even do that.

Atheists have been continuously challenging God, but no answer. In fact he has not left his address with us. Even if you want to write a letter you cannot. Those who think the whole hypothesis of God is nonsense find your prayers very childish. Whom are you addressing? Where is he? You have not seen him. You know nobody who has seen him.

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