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Chapter 1: Whatever the Cost Enlightenment Is Cheap

The last international conference of the mice was again discussing the same problem - and there is only one, the cat. After long discussions they came to the same conclusion, but the problem was: Who is going to do it?

A young mouse stood up and said, “I am going to do it.”

All the elders laughed. They said, “You are too young, you don’t understand the risk.”

The young mouse said, “I understand everything. Tomorrow you will see the cat with the bell.”

They looked at him, absolutely unbelievingly, but he managed it.

He went into a medical store next door to the house, found some tranquilizers, and put them into the milk of the cat. When she was fast asleep under tranquilizers, he managed to tie a bell onto her neck.

Next day all the mice could not believe it; and the cat also could not believe it. “What has happened? Wherever I go, the mice immediately disappear.”

Rajiv Gandhi, you are a young mouse. It is time not just to talk. Take the risk. Begin with this country.

And I have immense trust in the intelligence around the world. If one country takes the risk, others are bound to follow.

Don’t wait for there to be an agreement amongst all the nations to do it simultaneously. Then it is never going to happen. That agreement is impossible. One has to start, knowing perfectly well the danger and the risk. But I remind you, nothing happens without risks - no evolution, no progress.

Yes, the earth has to be one. Without the earth being one, we cannot solve its problems. It is now so clear that even blind people can see it, that unless the earth is one, without boundaries.in a world without boundaries we can dissolve all the problems from which humanity is suffering immensely. And in the coming ten years it is going to suffer almost a suicide.

There is still time. Somebody should come out. You have made a beautiful speech, but you are not aware that somebody is going to ask you, “If you have the idea, why not start practicing it?”

Who is preventing you? That which is preventing you is preventing everybody - the fear. Come out of the fear.

Anyway, you have nothing to lose. This country has lost everything. Only a poor country which has nothing to lose can take the risk. America is not going to take the risk, neither is the Soviet Union. They have too much to lose if they take the risk.

But what have we got? Nine hundred million poor people who are going to die in utter starvation, misery and suffering in the coming ten years.

It is a good opportunity.

I hope you will understand what I am saying.

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