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Chapter 3: Godliness, Not God

So when I say there is no God, I am saying there is no person like God; all personality is human projection. I want you to take away the personality and let God be free, free from the bondage of personality that you have imposed upon him.

I am not an atheist. To me, the whole universe is full of the energy of God and nothing else.

You have to understand one thing which is very fundamental: the world consists of verbs, not of nouns. Nouns are a human invention - necessary, but after all, a human invention. But existence consists of verbs, only of verbs - not nouns and pronouns. Look at this. You are seeing a flower, a rose. To call it a flower is not right, because it has not stopped flowering, it is still flowering; it is a verb, it is a flow. Calling it a flower you have made it a noun. You see the river. You call it a river - you have made it a noun. It is rivering. It would be more accurate to the existential to say that it is rivering, flowing. And everything is changing, flowing. The child is becoming a young man, the young man is becoming old, life is turning into death, death is turning into life. Everything is in continuity, continuous change; it is a continuum. There never comes a stop, a full stop. It comes only in language.

In existence there is no full stop.

Do you remember when you stopped being a child? - when, at what point, the stop came and you became a young man? There is no place, no demarcation, no full stop. The child is still flowing in you. If you just close your eyes and look within, you will find everything that has been is still there, flowing. You have been absorbing more and more, but all that has been is still there. The river is becoming big, new rivulets are joining it, but the original is still there.

If you have seen the Ganges in India, one of the most beautiful rivers, you would understand it. The point where it arises is so tiny that the face of a cow - of course of stone, stone carved into the face of a cow - is enough. Through that cow’s face the Ganges falls, starts its journey - so small. And when you see it near the ocean, when it is reaches to meet the ocean, it looks almost like the ocean itself - so vast. But that small current falling in Gangotri, far away, thousands of miles away in the Himalayas, from the stone mouth of a cow - that current is still there. So many rivers have come and fallen into it and have made it oceanic. It is still alive. Even while it is falling in the ocean it remains alive, it goes on moving. Perhaps it will become a cloud; perhaps it will rain again. It will go on and on. Existence goes on and on and on; it never stops. There is no rest period. There is no place where you can demarcate that something has come to its end. Nothing comes to its end. You cannot find the beginning, you cannot find the end. It is an ever flowing process.

When you say God you are using a noun, something static, dead. When I say godliness I am using a verb for something alive, flowing, moving.

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