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Chapter 9: Sowing Seeds of Bliss

But wisdom is always of the heart, remember, it is never of the head. When you come to a buddha, forget all about your head. It is a totally different approach to your being - through the heart. Listen through the heartbeats, become attuned - as if you are listening to great music. It is great music; in fact, what greater music can there be?

These sutras are the greatest poetry, the poetry of the ultimate being. These sutras are the lotus flowers, born in the lake of a consciousness of one who is awakened. Listen attentively, meditatively, lovingly, in deep trust, and you will be immensely benefited, blessed.

The first sutra:

For a while the fool’s mischief
tastes sweet, sweet as honey.
But in the end it turns bitter.
And how bitterly he suffers!

There is a famous Buddhist parable. Buddha loved to tell it again and again:

A man is being chased by his enemies. They are coming closer and closer; he can hear the sound of the hooves of the horses coming closer and closer every moment. It is death! And there seems to be no way to escape, because he has come to a cul-de-sac, the road ends. He is facing a great abyss. If he jumps he is bound to die. He cannot turn back because the enemy is going to kill him. He was hoping that there may be one chance if he jumps - he may become crippled, but maybe, by a miracle, he may survive - but that too seems to be impossible because he sees deep in the abyss two lions looking up at him, ready to devour him.

Finding no other way - cannot go back, cannot go ahead - he hangs from the roots of a tree, just in the middle. It is a cold morning, his hands are becoming frozen. He knows within minutes he will not be able to hold the roots at all; his hands are slipping, he is losing his grip. He knows death is becoming more certain every moment.

And then he sees that two mice, one black, one white, are eating the root, cutting the root. Those two mice represent day and night - they represent time, which is cutting everybody’s life root. Day and night, death is coming closer. So now it becomes even more absolutely certain that it is only a question of moments and he will be gone. The root is becoming weaker every moment, thinner every moment. The mice are at work; his hands are getting frozen and he can hear the lions roaring deep in the valley and he can hear the enemy approaching closer and closer. You can understand that man’s plight.

And then suddenly he sees that just on the top of the tree there is a bees’ nest, and a drop of honey is just slipping out of the nest. He forgets all about the enemies, all about the roaring lions, the white and black mice, his hands getting frozen - in a moment, he completely forgets everything. His whole mind becomes focused on that drop of honey. He opens his mouth, the honey drops on his tongue.and it is so sweet.

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