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Chapter 4: Dancingly, Disappear

Nothing is wrong in it. Enjoy it, but remember not to go towards sleep. Go towards more consciousness. Sleep is unconsciousness, so they are diametrically opposite directions. And there comes a point from where you can move either way. When the sound of bells is receding, disappearing, that is the moment. Either you can fall asleep.which is good - but it is not meditation, and it is not going to give you any spiritual experience. If you remain alert, aware, the sound disappears; only silence remains.

Consciousness and silence together is what meditation is all about.

I once drew a picture of a flower blossoming. The flower was simple and lovely; it had a faint light coming out of the just-opening bud, and the leaves were strong and healthy. But the roots were underdeveloped and weak, as if they didn’t belong to this flower at all. This picture was to symbolize me, and I have a deep attachment to it. But I am constantly worried by the roots, as they contradict the promise of the blossom.

There are many questions connected with this picture, but I would be very happy if you would answer me somehow.

This is not only your situation. This is the situation of almost all human beings: their roots are weak, and without strong roots the possibility of a healthy blossoming of thousands of flowers is not possible.

Why are the roots weak? They are kept weak.

In Japan they have trees four hundred, five hundred years old and six inches high. It is considered to be an art. To me it is simple murder. Generations of gardeners have passed, keeping those trees in this situation.

Now, a tree which is five hundred years old.you can see its branches are old, although small; it is a very tiny old man, but it shows on the leaves, on the trunk, on the branches. The strategy that has been used is this: they plant a tree in a mud pot which has no bottom, then they go on cutting the roots - because the pot has no bottom. When the roots come out and try to reach the earth, they will cut them. They will not do anything to the tree; they will simply go on cutting the roots. Now for five hundred years a family has been continuously cutting the roots. The tree may live for thousands of years, but it will never blossom, it will never come to fruition.

The same has been done to man all over the world. His roots have been cut from the very beginning, about everything.

Every child has to be obedient. You are cutting his roots. You are not giving him a chance to think whether to say yes to you or to say no. You are not allowing him to think, you are not allowing him to make a decision on his own. You are not giving him responsibility - you are taking responsibility away behind the beautiful word obedience. You are taking his freedom away, you are taking his individuality away by a simple strategy - that he is a child, he does not know anything. The parents have to decide, and the child has to be absolutely obedient. The obedient child is the respected child.

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