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Chapter 3: Occult Devices and the Spiritual Search

One more reason: you are to be protected in so many ways. The more one progresses, proceeds to meditation: the more one becomes meditative, the more one becomes sensitive and vulnerable to so many influences - many of which can be harmful to you. Ordinarily you are not so vulnerable, not so sensitive - because ordinarily you are not so alive, so living. With meditation going deeper and deeper, you will be more open to many influences. Many of them are harmful to you and you have to be protected. This mala - or this picture, this locket - will protect you. But that’s a great science. So I can only indicate something - that it is a great science.

It is only symbolic. It means that unless you become so strong - unless you become so deeply transformed that you need no protection - continue remembering me. That remembrance will be a help, a protection. With this picture - unknowingly, unconsciously - many times in the day you will remember me. I cannot rely upon you. That’s why this picture. You may forget and the gap may prove harmful. Once I have given you sannyas - once I have become your witness, once I have initiated you - I have become responsible in so many ways. In a way, you have surrendered to me. Now I must look after you. You cannot always be with me, but I can always be with you. So, to make you remember unknowingly.. Others will make you remember: anyone who comes to you will ask their first question about the picture. And the moment you remember me - even unknowingly - in a way I am there. But this you will come to experience, by and by.

Many more reasons are there. But I will not talk about them - this much is enough. Other reasons will be revealed, and it is better that they should be revealed. There are things which should not be talked about, because even by talking about them they become superficial. There are things which should remain occult, should remain secret, because they can only work in secrecy, otherwise they won’t work. They are just like the roots of a tree: the roots must remain underground, in the dark, unknown to the tree. Only then they work.

So there are occult things which must remain unconscious, underground. You must not know them. Only then they work; otherwise they will not work. The roots must not be known. They must remain hidden. So you ask many things that I will not answer, or I will answer only up to that limit where the hiddenness is not uncovered. The hidden must remain hidden. You will come to know - but only by experience.

After three months you will not be able to remain without the mala for a single moment. You will feel the difference. But that will be your knowing. You will feel the difference - it is so great that it cannot remain unfelt. And by and by, as the experience grows deeper and richer, you will not feel the picture there. With your deepening consciousness, the locket will become empty. Everyone will see the picture - but not you. When this happens, then you can communicate with me directly, immediately, without any media.

I am trying in many ways to convey things without any medium - because there are things which cannot be conveyed through any medium. So I will have to create devices. This sannyas, too, is a device; this initiation, too, is a device. Those who are initiated will soon become capable of knowing things which cannot be told to others - of many secret keys, which no one can ordinarily understand unless he has seasoned, ripened through occult training.

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