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Chapter 42: Let My Words Be Seeds in You

And now it was evening. And Almitra the seeress said. She was the one who had first recognized Almustafa twelve years before, when he had come to the city of Orphalese, and she was also the first to ask significant questions about life, love, children. Naturally she is the last to show her gratitude to him. These words are of thankfulness. She said: Blessed be this day, and this place and your spirit that has spoken.

It is an ancient saying in most of the lands, that wherever a man of blissfulness stands, that place becomes holy and sacred. And wherever and whenever a blessed man speaks, those words are no longer ordinary language - they have wings, they are sacred. If you are available, receptive, those words will take you to the faraway stars, to unknown spaces within you which you have carried all along for many lives but you have never visited.

George Gurdjieff used to say that most people are born emperors, with huge palaces, with immense treasures, but their whole lives they have lived on the porch - absolutely unaware that the porch is not a place to live, and that they are born to live in the palace. But they never demand their right. They never ask existence, “What is my destiny? Why am I here? What is this life all about?” They are not seekers, they simply accept whatever accidentally becomes available to them, and they think this is all life has to offer.

A man becomes a seeker the moment he becomes aware that this mundane existence cannot be all there is. Life must contain much more. There must be treasures which we are not aware of; otherwise, just to get up every morning, eat your food, go to your job, come back home, and move like a circle from cradle to the grave. Do you think this routine is life? Do you think this routine can give you a singing and dancing heart? If you have a little intelligence you will refuse to live this routine. This routine is not life, it is simply vegetation. Don’t vegetate! Strive to live and to live as fully as possible. Claim your right.

In India they have a proverb, “Even the mother will not give the child milk, unless the child cries.” The child has to demand even to the mother. Unless the child demands, the desire of the child, the hunger of the child, does not mean anything. This existence is our mother and you have to ask, you have to demand, you have to insist for the meaning, for the significance of why you are given birth, and why you are asked to go on living - what is the purpose?

The moment the idea of purpose, meaning and significance arises in you, you have become a sannyasin, a seeker of truth. And the day you have found your own treasure it brings such contentment, such blissfulness, that wherever you are you create an atmosphere, a fragrance which is not of this earth, which belongs to the beyond.

The blessed one is one who has become a door to the beyond, to the unknown secrets and mysteries. And unless you become a seeker you will go on breathing, vegetating, and you will die without even becoming aware of what this life was all about.

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