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Chapter 7: The Proper State of Mind

The mind is a mechanism, it has no intelligence. The mind is a bio-computer. How can it have any intelligence? It has skill but it has no intelligence, it has a functional utility but it has no awareness. It is a robot. It works well, but don’t listen to it too much because then you will lose your inner intelligence. Then it is as if you are asking a machine to guide you, lead you. You are asking a machine which has nothing original in it - cannot have. Not a single thought in the mind is ever original, it is always a repetition. Watch: whenever mind says something, see that it is again putting you into a routine. Try to do something new and the mind will have less of a grip on you.

People who are in some way creative are always easily transformed into meditators, and people who are uncreative in their life are the most difficult. If you live a repetitive life the mind has too much control over you: you cannot move away from it, you are afraid. Do something new every day. Don’t listen to the old routine. In fact, if the mind says something, tell it, “We have always been doing this. Now let me do something else.”

Even small changes: in the way you have always been behaving with your wife, just small changes; in the way you always walk, just small changes; the way you always talk, small changes, and you will find that the mind is losing its grip on you. You are becoming a little freer.

Creative persons get more easily into meditation and go deeper. Poets, painters, musicians, dancers, can get into meditation more easily than businessmen.They live a routine life, absolutely uncreative.

I have heard about a father who was giving advice to his son. The father, a noted playboy in his younger days, was discussing his son’s forthcoming marriage.

“My boy,” he said, “I have got just two pieces of advice to give you. Make it a point to reserve the right to one night a week out with the boys.”

He paused. His son asked for the second piece of advice and then he said, “Don’t waste it on the boys!”

He is transferring his own routine, his own ways to his son. The old mind goes on giving advice to the present consciousness: the father giving advice to the son.

Each moment you are new, reborn. Consciousness is never old. Consciousness is always the son and the mind is always the father. The mind is never new and the consciousness is never old, and the mind goes on advising the son. The father will create the same pattern in the son, then the son will repeat the same thing.

You have lived in a certain way up to now, don’t you want to live in a different way? You have thought in a certain way up to now, don’t you want some new glimpses in your being? Then be alert and don’t listen to the mind. Mind is your past constantly trying to control your present and your future. It is the dead past which goes on controlling the alive present. Just become alert about it.

But what is the way? How does the mind go on doing it? The mind does it with this method. It says, “If you don’t listen to me, you will not be as efficient as I am. If you do an old thing you can be more efficient because you have done it before. If you do a new thing you cannot be so efficient.” The mind goes on talking like an economist, an efficiency expert. It goes on saying, “This is easier to do. Why do it the hard way? This is the way of least resistance.”

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