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Chapter 5: A Play with the Devil

And you say, “I remember no other dreams. What is happening?” This dream is not an ordinary dream, it is something extraordinary. It is not just the rubbish of the mind. Ninety-nine percent of your dreams consist of the rubbish, rubbish that you gather in the day, rubbish that you go on chewing over in the night. It is the reflection of your day, it has nothing special in it.

That’s why psychoanalysis takes so many years - to find a gem in the rubbish takes time. The rubbish is really so much that it takes two years, three years for the psychoanalyst to find something significant, to sort it out, to figure out where you are, what you are.

But in meditation it can happen very quickly, because in meditation you go directly. You don’t search in the rubbish, you simply dive deep into your being to where the diamond is, where the lotus paradise is.

You are hearing something of your inner voice. It is not really a dream, it is far more true than any truth that you have yet known. It is the voice of your soul, it is existence speaking to you. Listen, follow - help the ego to die. Become absolutely nonexistent as far as the ego is concerned.

And in the death of the ego love is born, godliness is born, light is born. In the death of the ego you are transformed; all misery disappears as if it had never existed. Your life right now is a nightmare. When the ego dies, nightmares disappear and a great sweetness arises in your being, and a subtle joy, for no reason at all. You cannot explain it to anybody, you cannot explain it to yourself either. It is unexplainable, mysterious. But who cares for the explanation? When you are bathed, when you are in rejoicing, when the being is in a dance, who cares?

People ask why only when they are in suffering. You ask why when you are ill, you never ask why when you are healthy. You never ask your physician, “Why am I healthy?” You certainly ask when you are ill, “Why am I ill? Why this headache, why this stomach-ache?” But when you are perfectly healthy you don’t go to the physician to ask, “Why am I healthy?” Health is natural, so is bliss; misery is unnatural. Misery is pathology, illness, dis-ease.

Let the ego die. The time has come, and your inner voice is saying, “Don’t cling to it. Let go.”

The third question:

If I should meet Osho walking down the road, should I kill him?

Certainly. You know, that’s why I never walk down the road.

But you don’t understand; you have asked the question, but you don’t understand the meaning of it at all. This is a message only for the disciples, and you are not yet a disciple, you are not yet a sannyasin.

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