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Chapter 10: Just a Remembrance

This is enlightenment.this moment - with no ideals, with no desires, with nowhere to go. This moment - utterly relaxed in it, herenow - is the moment of God, the moment of truth.

But you listen to me and you start parroting, you listen to me and you start repeating words. You don’t follow the meaning, you follow the letter and not the spirit.

I have heard..

A certain tough old sea captain bought a young parrot at a foreign port, being assured it was a marvelous learner, and hung it on the bridge. Coming back through the Bay of Biscay, a fearful black cloud came over and the skipper remarked, “It’s gone bloody dark all at once!”

Soon after the cloud burst in a dreadful torrent and the captain said to the mate, “It’s bloody hissing down!” The storm got worse, the ship lurched and developed a leak, so that one of the men called up, “What shall we do to be saved?” He got the reply, “Pump, you lousy shower! Pump, you poxed-up beggars! Pump!”

The ship and all were lost. A wet, swearing, washed-up parrot alone survived, and after some adventures finished up with a dear spinster, who was just expecting the vicar. As a precaution she threw a cloth over the cage, so that the vicar was greeted with, “It’s bloody dark all at once!” The lady was livid and put the parrot immediately under the cold-water tap, at which he shrieked, “It’s bloody hissing down!”

“No, no, Miss Fantight! You mustn’t be so cruel to God’s creatures. Rather bring him to church on the Sabbath and expose him to good influences.” This was done and the parrot behaved like an angel, even joining in the hymns. The vicar, beaming at his own success, rose to announce his text, “Brethren, today we ask: What shall we do to be saved?” and down the aisles rang the parrot’s clear tones, “Pump, you lousy shower! Pump, you poxed-up beggars! Pump!”

Don’t become parrots. You can repeat what I am saying but that is not the point at all. Understand what I am saying. Repetition will create troubles for you. A slight change of tone, of emphasis, a slight change of a single comma, a full point, and all is lost. Listen to the meaning.

And there are different ways of listening. One way is listening from the mind; then you memorize. And you have been taught how to listen through the mind, because all your schools, colleges, universities, teach you how to cram. They give you a wrong notion - as if memory is knowledge. Memory is not knowledge, memory is simply parroting. You will know the letter, you will know the word, but it will be empty; inside there will be no significance, no meaning in it. And that word is dangerous which has no meaning in it.

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