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Chapter 7: Create a Context

It cannot function through a man like Morarji Desai. He is a fanatic and utterly narrow-minded, utterly stubborn, and very ambitious. If Morarji Desai was in power I would not suggest that there were no elections for fifteen years; I would suggest elections after every six months!

Because I see that Indira can be of tremendous help to transform the climate of the country, all that she needs is encouragement because she has been brought up in a very democratic family. For four generations she has been brought up in the climate of freedom, independence, respect for others. She has been educated in the west. Her father was almost Western, not Indian at all. Her father was the person who introduced democracy into India. She loves democracy.

The only problem is she is even afraid to be associated with the idea of dictatorship. If she can drop that fear. The West will condemn her; particularly America will condemn her, England will condemn her. The West will condemn her - but they don’t help in any way, so what does their condemnation mean? Let them condemn. This much sacrifice she has to make for the country. I call it a sacrifice because her name will become associated with dictatorship. That much sacrifice she has to make. If she can make that much sacrifice for the country, if she is ready to become notorious, then there is no other problem.

All these stupid politicians who are creating chaos in the country can be stopped, all smuggling can be stopped, all the crimes which go on growing every day to new heights can be stopped. The country can be trained in fifteen years to be more industrious, to be less selfish. And a country which is creative, productive, rich.. It can become rich because the land is rich, its potential is great. Just a little less population..

So two things have to be done. One is birth control: nobody should be allowed to have children unless the medical board of the city or the town or the village approves. Secondly, euthanasia: old people who want to die should be given the freedom to die. These are two sides of the same coin: stop new people coming in and help the older people to go. Create a little more space in the country!

And for these fifteen years the whole context that is needed for democracy can be created. After fifteen years people will not be ready to sell their votes for anything, because they will have understood. They will not be just going on strike for any excuse.

I have not even moved to Kutch, we have not even purchased the land there yet, and just three days ago the people who are opposing the move closed the capital city of Kutch, Bhuj. All the shops were closed, all the factories were closed, all the schools and colleges were closed - as a protest.

I have not entered yet, I have not even got any land there, not even a single house, I have not even visited Kutch - just the rumor that we are going to Kutch is enough! And they are creating so much nuisance in Kutch, in Gujarat, that in two places the police had to force people by lathi charge, people had to be beaten to disperse.

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