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Chapter 6: Paths Are Different, the Goal One

When you feel depressed, don’t try to escape from it. In fact go as deep in it as possible. Drown yourself in your sadness, become really sad, so that you can touch the very bottom of it. Once you can touch the bottom of sadness, you will suddenly realize that it is the same as the bottom of happiness. The difference is only on the surface; as you go deeper, the differences are lost and the bottom is one.

So next time you are sad, be really sad, drown in it. Don’t make any effort to save yourself: don’t cry, don’t. move from the sadness to something else so you can become occupied and can forget it. No, remain with it. It is difficult, arduous, heavy - but it is worth trying. Once you touch the rock bottom of it, suddenly you are smiling.

Then you can never be sad again, because once you have touched the rock bottom of any feeling, you go beyond it. Very good. Continue.


Just about a year ago I became aware that I had healing powers. When I put my hands on someone I was giving a massage to, my hands started vibrating, and the man said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I don’t know. My hands are vibrating.” He said it was like an electric current through him. I just wondered what it was about. Then it happened at other times and I found that if I placed my hands over a place that hurt - not on it, just over it - then again the person would feel this current and the pain would go away. I wonder if it is good to develop this power?

Just raise your hands and close your eyes. If something happens, allow it. (Her right hand moves, the left is still; Osho shines his penlight on both.) (You have the capacity, but there are two or three things. Whenever you want to heal somebody, do the humming for at least three minutes. Never do it without it.

You have the energy, but more subtle vibrations are needed. The more subtle they become, the more helpful - and they will not exhaust you as much as gross vibrations. So three minutes of humming before you do it, mm? So you are almost vibrating all over the body. Cooperate with it; you were not cooperating - the hand was moving on its own, you were not cooperating. Help it to move so that the whole body is vibrating; it is not just a local thing.

And the second thing: if you want to heal a woman, it will be difficult. Your vibrations will be very helpful to a man, but for a woman it will be difficult. So for one year don’t try on a woman, because if you fail a few times then a wrong autosuggestion goes into your being that nothing is happening and that you don’t have the capacity.

So for one year only try on men, not on women, so that one year will give you such a deep trust in your energy that then you can start working on women. And you will succeed on women too, then. Very good! And I will be helping!

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