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Chapter 12: Silence Is the Prayer

So if you have been a good man, if you have tried to be a good man and the goodness was not natural to you, not something spontaneous but something forced, then in the dream you will move to the other extreme. If you have been honest with effort, then in the dream you will deceive someone. Then everything is complete.

Now psychologists say that if dreaming stops you will go mad, because dreaming is releasing much nonsense that you have left incomplete. And unless it is completed, it cannot evaporate - it cannot evaporate from your being. They say dreaming is the daily catharsis. So if you have not slept well, you feel uneasy. It is not because you have not slept, it is because you couldn’t dream.

Now they say sleep is not so essential. A man can live without sleep for many days, even for months and years. They say it is not so necessary. Dreaming is necessary, and you cannot dream without sleep. That’s the problem. That’s why sleep is needed. So sleep is needed only for dreaming.

But why is dreaming needed? You wanted to kill someone and you have not killed him - you will kill him in your dreams. That will relax your mind. In the morning you will be fresh; you have killed. I am not saying to go and kill so you don’t need any dream. But remember this: if you want to kill someone, close your room, meditate on the killing, and consciously kill him. When I say, “Kill him,” I mean kill a pillow; make an effigy and kill it. That conscious effort, that conscious meditation, will give you much insight into yourself.

Remember one thing: make every moment complete. Live every moment as if there is no other moment to come. Then only can you complete it. Know that death can occur any moment. This may be the last. Say, “If I have to do something, I must do it here and now completely.”

I have heard a story about a Greek general. The king was somehow against him. There was a court conspiracy, and it was the general’s birthday. He was celebrating it with his friends. Suddenly, in the afternoon, the king’s messenger came and he said to the general, “Excuse me, it is hard to tell you, but the king has decided that this evening, by six o’clock, you are to be hanged. So be ready by six o’clock.”

Friends were there, music was there. They were drinking, eating and dancing. It was his birthday. This message changed the whole atmosphere. They became sad, but the general said, “Now don’t be sad, because this is going to be the last part of my life. So let us complete the dance we were dancing and let us complete the feast we were having. There is no more possibility now, so we cannot make it complete in the future.

“And don’t send me off in this sad atmosphere, otherwise my mind will long again and again. This stopped song and this stopped festivity will become a burden on my mind. So let us complete it. Now there is no time to stop it.”

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