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Chapter 6: My Change Has Taken Me Higher

Buddha was also in the competition. It makes me feel very ashamed. He wanted to change his name to Siddhartha Jina. Jina means the conqueror, but he could not defeat Mahavira - not because he was less conscious, but because he was not such a great ascetic. Mahavira was almost a masochist; he disciplined his life along the lines of self-torture. And unfortunately, humanity is still sadistic; it wants people to torture themselves. Just by self-torture they become respectable saints.

Buddha could not manage; neither could the six others, and Mahavira was appointed as the twenty-fourth and the last prophet of Jainism. Feeling defeated.. In the first place to be competitive is not a right quality for a religious man. To be competitive is very ordinary and worldly. You have renounced the world - from where does this competition arise? You have not renounced your mind, you have not renounced your ego. This is an expression of ego, to be the last tirthankara of a very respectable lineage.

And then, when he was defeated, he was in utter despair. He changed his name from Siddhartha. Instead of being called the Jina, he chose another word, similar: the Buddha. Then things become even more complicated, because Mahavira had twenty-three predecessors, and that was hurting to Gautam Buddha’s ego. He visualized twenty-three absolutely imaginary buddhas who had preceded him.

Never in any scripture is there any mention of these buddhas. Jaina tirthankaras are mentioned in Hindu scriptures too, not only in Jaina scriptures. But the twenty-three buddhas imagined by Gautam Buddha - just to complete the score of twenty-four - shows that even the greatest minds fall many times before they come to the completion and stop falling.

Katsue Ishida is neither Buddhist nor has she any connection with me. She seems to be a woman of immense understanding, love, and search for a man who has arrived home. She is poor, because she has lived along the lines of non-possessiveness. That’s why she has been delayed; now she is collecting money to come here to pay her respects.

Geeta could not believe it. She was thinking that Ishida would be disturbed that her prophecy did not come true, or failed on the way. But an authentic seeker is not concerned with individuals. She told Geeta, “Don’t feel worried and concerned. With every change your master has reached a higher stage.”

This series of talks I would like to be dedicated with love and blessings to Katsue Ishida.

Just because of her prophecy about me she has suddenly become a world-famous name. Now the news media are approaching to her to ask about the prophecy - on what grounds, and all kinds of questions. She has lived silently in a shrine deep in the forest, but just a single prophecy has brought her into the light. She needs to be brought into the light, she may be helpful in solving many problems that man is encountering.

But man’s way of encountering problems is always strange and blind. For example, just now one of the most organized Jaina sects, terapanth, is bombarded - particularly the head of the sect, Acharya Tulsi - with exposures upon exposures, almost in a chain.

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