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Chapter 6: The Inner Trinity

If a beggar declares, “I have renounced the world,” people will laugh. In the first place, you had nothing to renounce. If a king renounces, then the renunciation is meaningful. This man has known what wealth is, this man has known what power is, this man has known what will is - and knowing it well, he has understood that it cannot be the last thing in life. Good for the beginning, good for the young people to play with as a toy, but for those who are becoming mature, useless - they have to drop it.

We give small children toys to play with. The day they become a little more mature they throw the toys away, and they start asking for the real thing. We give them a toy train and they say, “Forget about it.” We give them a toy airplane and they say, “Throw it away. I want a real car, a real airplane. I want the real thing.”

Ego can only give you toys to play with. But it is needed, otherwise you will never grow and never become mature. One day you understand, “Now I need the real thing” - and the real thing is God. And for God to happen, you have to surrender.

Steiner is wrong, because his philosophy is half. So is Annie Besant; she’s wrong, her philosophy is half. I am talking about a total philosophy.

Up to the age of thirty-five, move in the ways of the world, the ways of will. Strengthen your ego as much as you can by knowledge, by power, by money, by ambition. Live it, because that is the only way to know it. Go into the deepest hell the world can make available to you. Know it - because only by knowing is one liberated.

And then suddenly a light will dawn on you. You will see the whole absurdity of it. And then you start returning home; then you start returning toward the source. For thirty-five years go into the world, and then for the remaining part come back to yourself. First lose yourself so that you can gain; first sin so that you can become a saint. If you are a saint from the very beginning, your sainthood will not be of much value.

I am not against sin; I am not against anything. I say: Use everything, go into it. God has made this whole world available to you for a certain purpose: the purpose is learning. Sin is a lesson, is a must. If a child is a saint from the very childhood, is forced to be a saint, he will not have any spine. Let him first know what sin is. Let him himself become aware, and let him drop it on his own accord. Don’t force him, don’t discipline him. Give him freedom to move so one day he can see with his own eyes, feel with his own heart. And he can realize that Buddha is right, that Kabir is right, that Christ is right. But this has to come from your own understanding, otherwise it is borrowed. And God never wants anybody secondhand. Be firsthand. Let your experience be original.

So this is what I say to you: Will and surrender have to become part of your life, together - because you are man and woman together, and you are East and West together. The world is one, the Earth is one village. All distinctions are just utilitarian, not real. What is East and what is West? And what is surrender and what is will? They are both part of the one wave. They are not two, they are a quantum, one; two aspects of the one thing, one phenomenon.

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