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Chapter 28: Opening the Doors of Light and Beyond

Percy’s Law of Laziness: The world is divided into two sorts of people, those who are willing to work and those who are willing to let them.

Karl Marx says, “To do is to be do.”

Albert Camus says, “To be is to do.”

And Frank Sinatra says, “Do be do be do.”

Is it possible to experience love and meditation at the same time?

Love and meditation are not two things; hence, the question itself does not arise.

Love is a meditation and meditation blossoms in love. Of course when I use the word love I don’t mean the love that ordinarily is understood by the word, I don’t mean the biological infatuation - anyway it is not love. It is simply your chemistry, not you which feels attracted, and under the chemistry’s illusion you think you are in love. But that kind of love every animal, every bird knows perfectly well.

Only man seems to be deluded, and deluded so much that all the animals in the world except man have a certain season when they are infatuated - their season of reproduction, a very limited period in the year when biology overtakes them, makes them completely blind; forces them almost against their will. Have you seen two animals making love? And have you ever seen them smiling? They look so bored that how to get out of it seems to be the only problem that is troubling them.

The whole year they look more relaxed, more at ease, more in tune with nature and with themselves, but when the reproduction season comes they all start looking sad, serious, saintly. They forget their playfulness; they forget their freedom. Suddenly they feel themselves under a kind of hypnotic trance; in fact, it is a chemical trance.

That’s why scientists are able to change sexes very easily. A man can become a woman, a woman can become a man - just a very small change, a change in the hormones, in the chemistry of their bodies. Just a few more hormones and the woman will start growing a mustache and beard.

Now there are many people in the world who have changed their sexes. Sometimes it has happened automatically because man consists of both, man and woman. Something is contributed by your father, something is contributed by your mother, so you are both: your father and your mother, part man, part woman. Whichever is more in percentage, perhaps sixty percent man and forty percent woman, then you are man or it may be otherwise, then you are a woman.

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