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Chapter 13: Real Love Is Real Wild!

Farhad says, “Everything is possible. Just my love has to be authentic, to be true.”

Existence cannot deny love. Existence may change its nature, its laws, but it cannot deny love because love is the highest law of nature. For the higher law, lower laws can be erased, changed.

Those wise counselors of the king are shocked by the answer, but the answer seems to be significant. What the mad young man is saying makes sense. The story is that Farhad succeeded. Alone he managed to create the canal, and just because of his authenticity, his truthfulness, his trust in existence, the water turned into milk.

This is just a story; I don’t think existence or nature is going to change its laws. But one thing is certain: society became aware very early that love is mad. And once a man is possessed of love then he is beyond your control, then you cannot convince him of anything. Then no reason is applicable, no logic makes any sense to him; his love is the ultimate law. Everything else has to submit to it.

I am not saying that it does submit, I am not saying that nature is going to change its ways, I am not saying that love will make miracles possible. No, what I am saying is about this fear that love can make a man so mad that he can start believing in things like this; then he is beyond your control.

To keep man in control you have to, from a very early age, create a false idea of love in him, and go on enforcing it continuously so he never becomes possessed by authentic love and never goes mad, but always remains sane. Sane means a slave to the rules of the society, sane means a follower of the games of the society.

Love can make you rebellious.

False love makes you obedient.

That’s why they teach you to love God. Now, telling a small child to love God is such utter nonsense. The child does not know who God is, and without knowing the object how do you expect him to love God? But you pray to God with folded hands toward the sky, and the child starts imitating you. God is there, above, in heaven - still - although now everybody knows that the earth is round.

What is above to us is not above in India; it is below them, we are below them. The sky that is above us is not above them. But people around the earth are looking towards the sky and the God that lives there above, in heaven.

Now, knowing the fact that the earth is round - heaven is everywhere above. And different corners of heaven are above different people; and that too is not fixed because the earth is moving on its axis continuously, so what was above you a few minutes before is no longer above you. What was above a few hours before is no longer above you; it may be below you.

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