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Chapter 23: It Is a Carbon Copy

A meditator neither bothers about the past that is gone, nor bothers about the future that has not come yet. He is focused in the present, and whatever he has, he enjoys it to its full. He squeezes the juice of the present moment to its maximum. Naturally, his life is not the life of a beggar. He is never asking for more, although he is living at the maximum with totality and intensity. Otherwise, you have to be satisfied. That’s what your religions teach you - to be satisfied with little.

Satisfaction and contentment have been raised to great values. They are simply opium to the people so that you can at least tolerate the suffering that surrounds you and the misery in which you are drowning continuously.

A man is playing golf, and he hits his ball into the woods. He goes to retrieve it and comes upon a witch stirring a large cauldron of brew. “What is in there?” he asks.

“This is a magic brew,” the witch cackles. “If you drink this, you will play the best golf in the world. Nobody will be able to beat you.”

“Give it to me,” says the man. “I want to drink it!”

“Wait a minute!” she warns. “You will also have the worst sex life in the world.”

The man pauses to consider and then says, “Okay give me the brew.” The man drinks it down, goes back to his friends, wins the game and becomes the champion of the club. He goes on to play tournaments and becomes the best golfer in the country.

A year later he is playing at the same course and he decides to go to see if the witch is still there. He goes into the woods and finds her in the same place. He asks her, “Do you remember me?”

“Ah, yes, I remember you,” she says, “tell me something, how is your golf game?”

“You were absolutely right,” he says. “I win all the time. I am the best golfer in the country!”

She cackles and then says, “So how has your sex life been?”

“Not bad,” he replies.

“Not bad?” she says, surprised. “Tell me, how many times did you have sex in the last year?”

“Three.maybe four,” says the man.

“Three.four?” says the witch. “And you call that ‘not bad’?”

“Well, no,” he says, “not for a Catholic priest with a very small congregation.”

So one thing, don’t be a Catholic priest! If you want to live life fully, don’t be part of any organized religion and don’t be dominated by the dead. Live according to your own light. Find your own light within and live according to it without any fear. It is our existence, we are part of it, and whatever existence wants us to be, it has given us potentially. Use it! Actualize it! Never hold back, and never be miserly in living, in loving, in sharing, in singing, in dancing, in anything that you are doing or not doing.

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