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Chapter 33: The Natural Man Needs No Morality

Perhaps you have never thought that satisfaction is a kind of death. It means you are ready to repeat the same every day, that you have forgotten to change, to evolve.

“.still from time to time I feel a strong pull towards other dishes, and enjoy Italian pizzas, French wine, or Japanese sushi.” It is absolutely natural. The problem is arising because of your conditionings that when you are absolutely satisfied with a woman, why should you ask? Why should the desire for somebody else even arise in you? It arises because of your deep satisfaction. Deep satisfaction starts deadening you.nothing new, no excitement, no possibility of “No,” always “Yes.” On the one hand it is very sweet; on the other, it is too sweet.

Hence, the desire arises once in a while to have some affair with another woman. It is absolutely natural. If Neelam were a fighting type, nagging type, bitchy, this desire would not have arisen so much, because she would never have allowed you to be satisfied. She would have kept you always unsatisfied; she would have remained a stranger to you, still to be explored. I know her.she has been open to you, available to you, she has not been holding secrets from you. That is not her fault, that is her beauty. But even the most beautiful rose flowers have their thorns, even the most satisfying situations have their problems.

Because you are too satisfied, you start asking for a change of taste: Italian pizzas, French wine, or Japanese sushi. Nothing is wrong in it. At least my people, who are the herald of the new man, have to understand it, that there is nothing wrong in it. The whole old conditioning goes against what I am saying to you, but if you are intelligent, you will see the point.

Accept it, but don’t keep it a secret from Neelam. Don’t let her down. Don’t make her feel that she is not enough for you. Say to her, “You are too satisfying, and my mind wants a little change of atmosphere, some excitement so that I can feel that I am still alive.” And remember, whatever you take for yourself, you have to give her too. It has not to be one-sided, not that you go to Sarjano’s place, or find a Chinese restaurant; you allow her also. Not only allow.the woman has been repressed by man so much that you will have to pull her out from her conditionings. You will have to help her to move, once in a while, into new pastures. If you can do that, you will not only be accepting your nature; you will also be helping her to find out her nature.

As a man, you are also guilty, because it is the man who has forced the woman, made her monogamous. In fact, she needs to move with other people more than you. The most astounding research about men and women and their sexualities is just amazing: Man can have only one orgasm, the woman can have multiple orgasms. The reason is simple because in orgasm, a man loses energy; he will need to recover for sometime, according to his age, to have another orgasm.

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