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Chapter 20: Fear of Hell, Greed for Heaven: The Savior’s Soft Sell

If he drinks and his thirst is quenched, all credit goes to him. In fact the well feels grateful, thankful to him because as more water is taken out of the well, fresh water goes on flowing into the well. If people stop drinking from the well and drawing water from the well, the water dies. Its inner sources become closed; soon the well becomes poisonous.

If a man of enlightenment remains closed - which is impossible, I am just saying it for argument’s sake - if a man of enlightenment remains closed he will destroy his enlightenment. But it is impossible. Enlightenment becomes enlightenment only because he opens up. And he goes on opening - there is no end to his opening.

All that he is, is only a presence. That’s why I say I don’t do anything. I am just here for you to do something. You can come close to me. That’s what happens when I am talking to you: unawares, you start moving closer to me. Your physical bodies remain where they are - and leave them there! - but you start moving towards me. Perhaps you will understand what I am saying, because I can see - when somebody starts moving towards me, I can see - the body is left behind and the person has come very close to me. It is in that moment you feel afire, ignited. But the whole credit always goes to you.

I am not the savior.

And I do not want ever to be known, by that ugly word, savior.

I am just a presence.

You can save yourself

You can burn your candles from my fire and my fire will not lose anything.

Yes, you will gain eternity.

You will gain ultimate bliss.