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Chapter 7: Eat from the Tree of Knowledge

And what kind of God - who is preventing his son, his daughter.telling them to remain ignorant, not to eat from the tree of knowledge, and remain lifeless, without the juice of life, eternal life, flowing in them - what kind of father is this? This man seems to be the enemy, not the father. And that’s why it was very easy for the serpent to persuade Eve. You would have been persuaded, anybody would have been persuaded. The argument that the Devil gave to Eve was, “God wants you to remain ignorant, and also wants you to remain unaware of the possibility of eternal life energy, because if you know these two things, you will be yourself equal to God; and he is jealous.” And it makes sense, because the Jewish God is very jealous; he does not want Eve and Adam to become equal to him. They should remain dependent. For wisdom, for life, they should always remain dependent on him.

No, this is not love. This is not compassion. This is not like a father. But you see, he is dividing them from two things: knowledge - which today we call science; science means knowledge. All that you have today, all your comforts, your luxuries, your health, your long life, is because of science. Take away whatever science has given to you and where will you be? What will you be? - just a naked animal, far weaker than any animal around. You will not be able to survive.

Knowledge is not a sin. And to feel life and to live life in its totality, and to live it with such passion and intensity that each moment becomes a moment of eternity - that should be the goal of a religion. And that is what I have been teaching to you: eat from the tree of knowledge. Become a knower. All ignorance and darkness should disappear from you. You should become more conscious, more knowing, more aware - that’s what I have been teaching. And live life so passionately, so lovingly, so totally, that you can taste something of eternity in it. And whenever you live any moment, forgetting the past, forgetting the future, that moment gives you the taste of eternity.

Exactly what God has told Adam and Eve, I am telling you just the opposite: those are the two trees you have to search for and eat their fruit.

If I have to write the Bible, then I cannot make God say, “Don’t eat the fruit of knowledge, the fruit of life.” Then what is left? Just to vegetate like animals? Then what is the difference between animals and man? But God was very angry. It says he drove out Adam and Eve. I don’t know what model of car he was using - must have been a Ford, Model T. He drove them out! What was their crime? Disobedience - but it was worth it.

I teach you that disobedience.

If Adam and Eve had not disobeyed, there would have been no humanity. You would have been still in the jungles, naked animals. You would not have been able to create the world that you have created.

Reverend Jim Jones is a Christian priest. He is against knowledge, he is against life - as all Christians are, whether they know it or not. You can look at the whole tradition of the popes. They have been fighting, at each step, any progress of science. They have been trying to cripple science, to destroy science. This is the same story: the fruit of knowledge should not be eaten.

The popes are all criminals, because to stop knowledge, to stop the growth of science, is far more criminal than to murder man. Nothing can be more criminal than that. But even today, any progress in science and every effort is made to stop it; because it is dangerous to the vested interests of politicians and the priests. It has to be stopped. Man should not become too wise; otherwise you will not be able to make humanity a breeding ground for slaves.

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