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Chapter 45: A Peak unto Yourself

And fain I would have you remember me as a beginning.
Life, and all that lives, is conceived in the mist and not in the crystal.
And who knows but a crystal is mist in decay?

Remember your mystery.

That is one of the crimes that science is committing: the whole program of scientific knowledge is to know everything, and to know it clearly - crystal clear. In another way it can be said, science is a demystification of existence. But by demystifying existence it destroys all beauty, all truth, all that is not material. Science is good for the objective world.

Religion is mystery. Science is demystifying. Avoid letting your inner experiences be demystified. Let them remain a mystery, because only as mystery can they breathe, can they expand, can they grow. The moment you demystify them, you kill them.

That’s why science has not yet come to the conclusion that there is a soul within you, because they will believe in the soul only if they can find it by dissecting you, cutting you into fragments, and catching hold of your soul and bringing it out. Then they will say, “Yes, there is a soul.”

It is as stupid as taking a roseflower to a scientist. You say, “It is beautiful,” and he will say, “I will find out.” And he takes all the petals off, cuts them, dissects them, and says, “I don’t see any beauty.” By his very dissection he has destroyed the beauty. By the very dissection he destroys the human soul. Everything that is beautiful, everything that is alive, is beyond science.

Where science ends, religion begins.

Almustafa is right: Remember me - always - as a beginning.

It is true about religion itself; it is always a beginning. It is always a sunrise, and there is no sunset.